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Pythagoras Teachings

Welcome to the Teaching of The Masters

and The Knowledge of Ageless Wisdom



Solar Logos vitalizing His solar system through His Egoic Lotus

A tapestry made by Maren & Kathleen Peterson

About Ageless Wisdom

If you are interested in receiving three (3) pages weekly online of the FREE esoteric science studies as was known by Pythagoras-pythagorasteachings, who believed that NUMBER underlies all form, you will learn why the number is the root of the universe; the meaning of the 10 yods of his Sacred Tetraktys, the nature of the etheric body, the astral body, the causal body for the soul, mantrams to contact the soul, the purpose of the force centers (chakras), and how the planets relate to them, what happens after death, how the Sacred Tetraktys correlates with the Fibonacci numbers, the Golden Ratio, the five polyhedra of PLATO, and with cosmic, planetary and human cycles; what it means to be on the reverse wheel of the zodiac, the esoteric rulers of the planets, & much more, then

 Timeless Knowledge 



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