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After my husband died, I joined the spiritual organizations, "Self-Realization" and "The Arcane School." The Arcane School is part of the organization started by Alice A. Bailey, called Lucis Trust. The organization was called Lucis Trust. The Lucis Trust is a nonprofit service organization incorporated in the United States in 1922 by Alice Bailey and her husband Foster Bailey, to act as a fiduciary trust for the publishing of twenty-four books of esoteric philosophy published under Alice Bailey's name and to fund and administer activities concerned with the establishment of "right human relations."

Friends said that Mr. Benjamin Creme would be speaking in a few days. I attended his lecture in December of 1977. When he was overshadowed by Christ, my whole being was awakened and activated. Some friends saw a ring of electricity surrounding Mr. Creme.

Others saw the entire auditorium immerse in a golden light. Others say they saw him disappear. Many had seen and felt nothing!

I was determined to help his organization. So, I did some work for them, although I don't recall what I actually did.

This was when I learned of and attended the Transmission Meditation Groups. The spiritual Hierarchy sends spiritual energy into the force centers or chakras of the meditators. The force centers act as electrical transformers, stepping down the energy. Then, the energy is sent out into the atmosphere. The Masters take that energy and use it for the benefit of humanity. It is a service that we perform. I received a healing each time. Sometimes my body would burn up for a second or two. This, I believe, is what extended my life span. I received so much energy. Mr. Creme was two years older than me.


I also learned that any problem can be solved by Christ when one places one's hand on the hand of Christ. I received this hand from Share International. I send it through email to any and all who request it. The hand appeared in a bathroom mirror in Spain. It was wiped off and reappeared. The son said, don't wipe it off. I want to take a picture of it. We were told that whoever places his hand on that hand will be helped. I have used the hand, and it is WONDERFUL. The Buddhists know the personal name of Christ. It is the Lord Maitreya.

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In or about 1981, I heard Mr. Creme lecture. The following day, while I was meditating, I thought: "Who the heck is Benjamin Creme? If he can be overshadowed by the Christ, so can I." After a couple of minutes, I feel love from Maitreya, which is overpowering. I thought of my sister, who is angry with me. We have been estranged for six years. I send her the love that I am experiencing. The next day I telephoned my sister.


She angrily said: "Who is this?" I told her, "it is me." She released all her anger while I listened patiently. Then I explained to her that I always loved her and gave her examples of my love. That phone call ended her hatred towards me. She began knitting me socks.

OMTimes: There is much talk about NOT having religious education in schools. Do you think we, as a species, need to develop a way to teach our youth how to create a moral compass? If so, how do you envision that?

Marguerite Dar Boggia: I think that all children should learn that God is boundless, like Space, without a beginning, without an end, and without form.

That a spark of that divinity is in every atom, every vehicle, every Soul, every spirit. That we are a threefold being with seven bodies or vehicles. Our goal is to realize our oneness with the God within us and be fused with it. That we must practice brotherhood. It is the goal for the Aquarian Age. That all things have a positive and a negative, male and female. Both are necessary. One should not dominate the other.

Children should be taught that anger and resentment can result in ill health. We have to bless our enemy. That way, we are protected from negative thoughts. We have to act as the Christ, or the Soul would act, love each other, and have no ill ideas. That we pay for our wrong acts, if not in this life, then in our reincarnated life. A guru is nice to have, but it is not necessary. Life is Endless.

OMTimes: You seem to have the gift to bring and bridge sacred knowledge, Ageless Wisdom, into the modern world. What do you believe is the importance of the old Traditions such as Mantras, Kriyas, chants, and devotional poetry to a western world with problems distinguishing Religious from Spiritual Traditions?


Marguerite Dar Boggia: We are told to develop through study, meditation, and service. How are we helping our brothers and humanity? Our humanity is on the Path of Probation. The next goal for our humanity is to be on the Path of Discipleship. When we become a disciple, a Master may contact us and ask if we would become his chela (disciple). If we accept, we will learn from the Master what exercises to do, develop our spiritual self further, etc. He is our teacher. We would take initiation after initiation until the Fifth planetary initiation when we would attain Mastership.


The world currently is SICK. The spiritual Hierarchy is asking for more disciples. The great battle between good and evil is going on.

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