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I see the next war taking place in 2023, probably in April. After the war with Russia and Iran, it is the younger generation that will demand change. The financial system must be changed. It is wrong for the richer to become richer.

Every religion is waiting for the return of its Messiah. Astrologically speaking, I predict that the year 2037, on July 12, will be the time for the reappearance of Lord Maitreya.

The opposing forces will allow him to speak on television. His message will be heard by all in their own ears. He will change the monetary system wherein the big banks will not be used. The system will be based on sharing. If I have coffee to sell and I need the new technology, a method of bartering will be used so that I may be compensated fairly.

This will be the beginning of the Golden era as Christ brings with him all the members of the spiritual Hierarchy, plus devas who will teach us to heal, etc. They will live with us on Earth as they did ages ago. Their presence of love, harmony, and goodwill has a subtle influence on our humanity. With the new policies of the Master, there will be no more war. There will be formed a one-world government in which all the nations will take part. 

This will probably take place in about 700 years. Everyone will work and will be paid the same wage. Before that period, the U.S. will form a government wherein all work and receive the same wage. That will cause other nations to create such a government until finally there will be a one-world government.


Education for all is a necessity. That is the beginning of the significant change that will occur for humanity. The scientists are coming closer to the ancient Wisdom Teachings. They are told to read "The Secret Doctrine," written by that great disciple, Madame H.P. Blavatsky.

OMTimes: How do you see the role of Ageless Wisdom bringing about a Golden Era, and how is this different from the New Age philosophy?

Marguerite Dar Boggia: If I could tell humanity to BLESS everyone, to have no enemies. To see only the Soul in others. To treat others as we would like to be treated. (See my article: "Our Future in the Golden Age" on my website: under Articles)



There is so much to learn about the new technology. Humanity does not even know that we are colonizing Space. That there are Extraterrestrials, who have evolved far beyond our humanity.


I like to write about the new technology that our scientists have invented. The articles can be read on my website under Articles.

OMTimes: What are the Spiritual Precepts of Ageless Wisdom referring to the Art of Dying?

Marguerite Dar Boggia: The esoteric teachings give information on what takes place after death. I have placed an article entitled "The Astral Body" on my website to aid the students. The article in question can be found under Articles. Everyone should read that article.


He will have to fight the astral entity who would keep him on the lowest astral plane.

In 2018 my cousin died. Whenever I meditate, he contacts me by tickling the inside of my nostrils.

He was never interested in esoteric studies. Now in the year 2021, he wants me to help him. I tell him to go to the Soul.


First, the Soul must withdraw from him all that is good and beautiful.


Then the Soul will leave his astral body, and it will go to Devachan (heaven). It took my first husband six months before he left for Heaven.


OMTimes: Tell us more about your following creative projects and how people can follow you and know about your events? How can our readers connect with you and subscribe to your articles?


Marguerite Dar Boggia: My great desire is to see more people study the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, to meditate and to serve.At this time, I am writing movie scripts. It pleases my Soul. It may be preparing me for my next life's work.


I am most grateful for my inspiration and work and hope that all who read this will be blessed eternally.

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