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The Masters' request that transmission meditation groups be formed throughout the world.  They cannot find one person who has his Ajna center, the Alta major center and the pineal gland all functioning simultaneously so they ask for meditation groups.  They supply the spiritual energy and our chakras act as electrical transformers to step down the PSYCHIC energy which is then used for humanity.  While we serve, we are blessed. Actually, someone is psychically present to tweak our chakras so that the energy is received safely.  

The Masters look for aspiration in the student. But more than that, they look for SERVICE performed.  There is an easy way to serve and that is, you can form your own transmission meditation group with 2 other people. Through meditation and concentration on the Ajna Center which is the 3rd eye, you stimulate the higher chakras and develop the Light in the Head.  This is what the Masters look for in a student.  After practice, the pineal gland and the brain cells are all emitting Light.  But you should  act as the soul, when you say the Great Invocation and when you meditate, act as the Soul:….”I, the Soul am sitting, I the Soul,  am in front of you, I the Soul am behind you, I the Soul am above you, I, the Soul, am in the Ajna Center, I the soul vibrate it forcefully, etc. feel the love of the soul. I, the Soul activate the heart center…etc. When the mind wanders, mentally say the OM. OM is used to fuse the personality and the soul.

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