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The Creation of Thought forms.

Much that is to be seen now of a distressing nature in the world can be directly traced to the WRONG manipulation of MENTAL MATTER by man; to erroneous conceptions as to the nature of matter itself, and to dangerous conditions brought about by the united creative attempts of human beings down the centuries. (Man must realize that he is part of the One Source and not separate from it. Eventually he will feel the pulse of a blade of grass and the fragrance of a rock. Mdb)

One of the greatest impediments upon the Path of Return are those animated forms which man has produced ever since the middle of the Atlantean root race. The selfishness, the sordid motives, the prompt response to evil impulses for which the human race has been distinguished has brought about a condition of affairs unparalleled in the system. A GIGANTIC THOUGHT FORM hovers over the entire human family, built by men everywhere during the ages, energized by the insane desire and evil inclinations of the worst in man’s nature.  This thought form has to be broken up by man himself during the latter part of this round .  It is this piece of creative bungling that the Great Ones are occupied in destroying. Under the Law of Karma it has to be dissipated by those who created it. The work of the Masters has to be carried on indirectly by illuminating the sons of men, so that they can see clearly this “Dweller on the Threshold”.  Every time a son of man stands upon the Probationary Path, Their work is facilitated. It means that one small stream of life energy is directed into new channels. (many millions have achieved the first initiation. So there is hope for us to speed up the process. Mdb)

Pages 958-960

Thought form Building in the Three Worlds.

We will consider two factors in the process of thought-form building:

That of aligning with the Ego.The process of impressing the egoic will, on the physical brain.

Alignment with the Ego.  This is only possible to the man who has reached the Probationary Path, or a certain very definite point in evolution.  Through practice, the power has been acquired of automatically utilizing the sutratma (or channel) as a means of contact.  When to this ability is added that of utilizing the antaskarana (or bridge between the Triad and the personality) then we have a powerful agent of the Hierarchy on the earth.  (in some places antaskarana is spelled antahkarana. I don’t know which is correct.Mdb)

Lower types of humanity use the sutratma as it passes through the etheric body.

Average men utilize almost entirely that part of the SUTRATMA which passes through the astral plane. Their reactions are largely based on desire and are emotional.(the sutratma is the life spiritual thread that connects the life or entity to its primary or creator. Mdb)

Intellectual men use the sutratma as it passes through the lower levels of the mental plane, down through the astral to the physical in its two sections.  Their activities are energized by mind and by desire, as in the earlier cases.(this blending of mind and desire is known as kama-manas.mdb)

Aspirants on the physical plane also use the sutratma as it passes through the two lower subplanes of the abstract levels of the mental plane.  They are beginning to build the bridge between the Triad and the Personality. The power of the Ego can begin to make itself felt.

Applicants for initiation and initiates up to the third initiation use both the sutratma and the antaskarana, employing them as a unit.  The power of the Spiritual Triad begins to pour through, vitalizing man’s thought forms.

Page 960-961

Accurate alignment entails: Mental QUIESCENCE or stable vibration, EMOTIONAL TRANQUILITY, resulting in limpid reflection…also ETHERIC POISE.(as a rule through breathing exercises preparatory to meditation, one stills the mind for meditation. Through consistent meditation  a habit is formed and after a while, alignment of the 3 vehicles because automatic. Attention should be centered on the Ajna center, stimulating it while mentally sounding the OM. More information on the fusion of the personality and the soul can be obtained from “Glamour a World Problem” by Alice A. Bailey. Mdb) 


The accurate realization by the physical brain of what the Ego is seeking to convey only becomes possible when two things are realized:

Direct alignment  The transmission of the egoic energy  or Will to one or other of the three physical centers in the head:

The pineal gland

The pituitary body

The alta major center or that nerve center at the top of the spine. When this congery of nerves is fully developed, it forms a center of communication between the vital energy of the spinal column (the kundalini fire) and the energy of the two head centers (the pineal and pituitary body). It is the physical correspondence to the antaskarana on higher levels.

The pituitary body forms the center which receives the threefold vitalization pouring through the sutratma from the lower mental, the astral and the etheric planes.  The pineal gland comes into activity when this action is enhanced by the pouring through of the energy from the Ego on its own plane. When the antaskarana is in process of utilization, the alta major center is likewise employed and the three head centers begin to work as a unit, thus forming a kind of triangle. By the time the third initiation is reached this triangle is fully awakened.  Man’s ability to create in mental matter grows as he treads the Path. The whole life or the personality is subjected to the Ego.

Page 965-966

By means of the pineal gland, the organ of spiritual perception, man ascertains the will and purpose of the Ego, and from thence he draws the necessary energy from the higher levels via the head center and the sutratma.

By means of the pituitary body the second element of desire or of the form building energy, becomes available. Under the law of attraction he can build in deva substance.

By means of the alta major center, the synthesis of what might be called the nervous energy, is awake, it becomes possible for him to materialize and activate the desired form.

It will become obvious why the Great Ones (as they work through Their disciples) are forced to work with groups, being unable to find a man or woman whose three physical head centers are simultaneously active. They have to work with large groups before the quota of energy measures up to that necessitated. (the sutratma is that life thread or Monadic Self, on which the monadic veils of matter are found with their 5 permanent atoms (plus the mental unit) from which the sheaths of the Ego are formed. All past lives, from its very beginning are like pearls strung on this thread.  All are enclosed in the Monadic or Auric Egg. Each of the monadic veils are threefold, to wit: Spirit, Soul and Body or monad, ego and sheath. In fact, everything in manifestation is threefold. The triangles in the diagram may help to understand this. In the diagram the sutratma connects with the monadic essence or spiritual sun. Every cell and atom are soaked through by and with this essence. The Monadic Egg itself is considered the 7th principle. It is immortal and permanent. Every entity or thing has its own Monadic Egg. More on this later. HP Blavatsky says that the AURIC EGG, called by the Tibetan, the MONADIC EGG, is the SUTRATMA.Mdb) Pages 984-986


The distinction between the two exists in both motive and method.  The while magician works for the benefit to the group for whom he is expending his energy. The magician of the left hand path ever works alone or if he co-operates with others, it is with a hidden selfish purpose. The white magician works through the greater Deva Builders, and through sound and numbers, he blends their work and thus influence the lesser Builders who form the substance of their bodies and therefore of all that is.  The dark brothers work directly with substance itself and with the lesser builders. He does not cooperate with the forces which come from the egoic levels. Page 987

The white magician works on the side of evolution. The black brother occupies himself with the forces of involution. They form the great balancing force in evolution and though they are occupied with the material side of manifestation and the brother of Light is concerned with the aspect of soul, they and their work, under the great law of evolution, contribute to the general purpose of the solar Logos, though (and this is of tremendous occult significance to the illuminated student) NOT  TO THE INDIVIDUAL PURPOSE OF THE PLANETARY LOGOS.

(on pages 906 He gives the 15 Rules for Magic. The terminology is in the nature of a blind, which perplexes the student not ready for the truth. He calls our attention to the fact that what is given is from the standpoint of the solar Angel and of solar fire. Therefore I will omit pages 997 to 1026.

I am also omitting pages 1027 to 1165 covering MOTION ON THE PLANE OF MIND Here He gives the nature of this Motion, the results of its activity, the Law of Expansion, of Monadic return, the law of Solar evolution and radiation, the cause of radiation, etc. Later I may give it .Later you will learn more about the AURIC EGG. It is very important. mdb)

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