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David Wilcock claims to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. They even look alike. The one on the right is Wilcock. As an astrologer, I believe their horoscopes appear to confirm it.  Wilcock wishes to serve humanity. At this time corruption in our political and economic systems is at its peak. Democracy is a myth.

It is the Financial Elite and the 12 Private banks of the Federal Reserve System that control through their corporations. They have the power to corrupt the systems and to prevent the needed changes to restore health to this sick world. David Wilcock is the gallant knight on his white steed ready to do battle with the Cabal, as he calls it. His destiny is to wake up the uninformed, complacent population to the overpowering, present forces of materialism (called evil by the Church). These forces work for enslavement of the people and not for their freedom, as does the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. His mission is to expand the consciousness of humanity for the New Age.

Wilcock's book The Ascension Mysteries gives us a glimpse of his life as an ordinary teenager and the deplorable, drug consuming era in which he lived. His book is based upon information from 'insiders' who worked for NASA and/or the government. Therefore, the information is to be respected.

NASA had pictures of the Moon that astounded the astronauts. There were domed buildings and pyramids. The obelisks were made of glass-like material.  They were made of a transparent aluminum alloy. NASA airbrushed the obelisks and UFO's out of the lunar pictures.1

It is difficult to believe that our military industrial complex has secretly COLONIZED SPACE. A high level insider, Henry, worked in a base on Mars with 200,000 personnel and only10,000 of them were from Earth. Various ancient bases were pressurized and reoccupied.  He has seen forty-three different types of ET species. All of them were human-like in appearance. This insider was trained to repair certain types of advanced equipment.  He had traveled to various bases in the solar system. He was aware of a high energy cloud our solar system was moving into. It was supposed  to trigger a dramatic evolutionary event on earth, including a solar energy release of some kind.2

Insiders said that a great deal of information was being released through fiction. 

The TV show Stargate SG-1 was full of truthful information one insider had encountered on his job. There is a stargate network that allows travel from place to place. Each planet is given its own stargate. In the case of our earth our main gate was dug out of the desert in Egypt in 1927. You can travel outside our galaxy through the use of the addresses. The local address of the earth is case you get lost. 3

When television was new in the sixties, the government hid in the video subliminal text: i.e. "trust the US government".  They used mind control techniques and commands. It is used in advertisements.4

Our government already has cloaking technology that can make naval vessels, aircraft and spacecraft invisible. "Bob Dean, the insider, got in trouble for leaking this information in a Project Camelot video from April 2010. He said "They don't want us to know about the Aerospace Command here, would you believe that? Trillions of dollars a year are going off to a military command that the American People don't even know exists?. . .It used to be in Nebraska. It used to be in Colorado Springs. Now the headquarters. . .I swear to God, the headquarters is in ORBIT! . . . It puts NASA to shame." 5

The insider Pete Peterson "discovered that we have a dimple in the middle of each shoulder blade where a huge cluster of nerve fibers all intersect before going on up to the brain.  ....Pete and his insiders feel we were meant to use these areas once we learned how to access them. Special energetic fields can pump visual information, sounds, and thoughts directly into the brain through these areas, which they call "ports."  This system was depicted in the movie "The Matrix".  We have the potential to vastly increase our intelligence and learn multiple languages through the use of this technology. This system can also be used to project people into a vividly realistic virtual-reality environment.6

Pete also revealed that 55 to 60 million of the most intelligent and talented scientists from around the world were recruited into the secret space program. They would cut all ties with their family and friends on Earth. Their postcards would be sent to their families regularly. Advertisements for these jobs were openly distributed in Brazil.  In total, since the 1950's the number of people working out in space could now be well above 300 million. They were encouraged to marry.7

Some of these people also work in vast underground facilities. Pete was aware of approximately 250 different underground bases that were built around the world. Each of these facilities is built to hold a maximum of 65,000 people.  There are trees, roads, and buildings inside, as well as a domed roof with artificial light. Injections would be given to people that would make it lethal for them to return to the surface. There is one underground facility under Fort Huachuca that is gigantic. Our military, our SHADOW GOVERNMENT is deeply involved with extraterrestrial operations."

The Cabal's plan was to have a full scale nuclear war, in which nuclear submarines fired off all their ordinance. The Cabal would make sure that all their friends, colleagues and family members were taken underground before the war started. They planned on living down there until the Earth became habitable again.  Modern nuclear weapons were not designed to create any lasting radiation, so an extended stay underground would not be required. Each of these cities has a docking station in the ocean where the breeder reactor in a nuclear submarine can plug in and power the entire facility for many years. What is "off" about it, is that you could always hear the sound of ventilation fans, and there was a persistent smell of machine oil in the air. 

A vast system of underground passageways called the "sub-shuttle" system interlinks these cities together, even underneath oceans. The shuttles travel by the use of high-intensity compressed air, and are extremely fast.8

Apollo 13 Mission carried a nuclear device that could be set off to make measurements of the infrastructure of the Moon. The unexplained explosion of the oxygen tank in the service module was caused by a UFO that was following the capsule to prevent the detonation of the atomic charge.9

From the UFO crash in 1947 at Rosewell, New Mexico, our government would take something from the ship and hand it to a corporation, asking them to reproduce it. They would be told it was a 'foreign technology.' A variety of our favorite technologies were taken from this and other crashes and were 'reverse engineered'. They have 'smart materials' that can repair their own damage, generate anti-gravity and create free energy. It has to do with the atoms all fitting together in a perfect geometric lattice.10

The plan of the Cabal is to have one world government under their control, using their rigged economic system.  They require puppet governments. Vladimir Putin refuses to be their puppet. Our government is building up a case against Russia for the next war. Henry Kissinger said, whoever controls the media controls the people and whoever controls the money controls the world. At the present time, the Cabal controls both.

As an astrologer I forecasted years ago that the stock market crash would occur in 2020 and war would start in April, 2023 when there was an eclipse at 29 Aries or in October when the eclipse is 21 Libra.  What the government does NOT know is that the Masters and our Space Brothers know their plans. The nuclear warheads will be DIFFUSED by them. This was demonstrated in the movie THRIVE.11 There will be NO nuclear war. The nuclear fallout in the upper atmosphere affects other planets.

Our planetary Deity has been given an order by the Lord of the solar system, to speed up the evolution of humanity. In the past, initiation was given individually. Now it will be given in groups. Hundreds of thousands are ready for the 1st and 2nd initiations.  We may, perhaps, see this happening at the time that Shamballa meets in 2025. It meets every 100 years. Shamballa is a force center in the body of our planetary Deity. It represents the head force center called: a chakra. The spiritual Hierarchy represents the heart chakra, and humanity represents the throat chakra of our planetary Deity. The energies of Shamballa are so potent, it can act as a magnet and attract to it those souls ready for initiation. Imagine, some of the members of Shamballa work with the Lord of the solar system!  After the war it is the enlightened public and the younger generation who will insist on changes. The Forces of Light: the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet has a plan for the economy wherein the big banks will not be used. The destiny of the 49 ashrams of the Masters that make up the spiritual Hierarchy is to once again, live with mankind.  It means the Kingdom of God will be on Earth. We cannot imagine the potent effect of this harmonious, spiritual energy.  

Whenever the energies of powerful negative forces control the world as is the case now, where the major media is controlled by the Cabal, it attracts a positive polarity. That is the cosmic law. What has happened is that the Head of the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, the World Teacher, is HERE NOW. He is that positive polarity. He came earlier than expected because of the suffering of the 'little ones'. On page 211 of the book "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire"12 under footnote...the World Teacher, it says the following: "The Buddha held office prior to the present World Teacher and upon his illumination, the LORD MAITREYA took his place.  The occidentals call him the CHRIST."That book was written in 1925 by the Tibetan Master, D.K. through his amanuensis, Alice A. Bailey, by means of mental telepathy. For more information see or my website under 'Masters'.  The Tibetan Master also said that when the time came for the great event of the reappearance of the Christ, none of the 'so-called' spiritual organizations would help. They had to use a disciple, Benjamin Creme, to be their 'John the Baptist'.  The major media is aware of Maitreya's presence, but they do not want the public to learn of it, as they would lose their power to prevent changes in the economic, political and social systems.

The Golden Age alluded to by Wilcock, Cayce and others is when our spiritual Hierarchy will once again live with us on earth. There will be one world government BUT it will be for the welfare and spiritual development of humanity, under the leadership of the disciples and the Masters of the spiritual Hierarchy and not under the Cabal.  The timing of this event depends upon the consciousness of humanity and the repeal of the Federal Reserve System Act.                                

∆ ∆ ∆

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Membership Secretary for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She was past Secretary and Director of ISAR and Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She was a co-founder of UAC and its past Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. 


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