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The Ageless Wisdom Teachings are held in trust for us by the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet.  Throughout the ages these Guardians of the race have sacrificed Themselves to help us to develop our innate spiritual nature.

On October 15, 2012 NASA produced a picture of an angel-shaped object.  Its size was estimated by NASA to be twice the size of the earth.  It moved directly to the sun.

In Postulate I of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire it states that all matter is living matter, or is the vital substance of deva entities .1   Devas are what the Church calls ‘angels’.   Page 246 of Cosmic Fire says: “In connection with the atom, The Secret Doctrine says: Absolute intelligence thrills through every atom 2 . Wherever there is an atom of matter, there is life. Occultism does not accept anything inorganic in the Kosmos. The expression employed by Science ‘inorganic substance’ means simply that the latent life, slumbering in the molecules of so-called ‘inert matter’ is incognisable. All is Life, and every atom of even mineral dust is a Life, though beyond our comprehension and perception. 3 The atom is a concrete manifestation of the Universal Energy 4. The same invisible lives compose the atom.5  Every atom in the universe has the potentiality of self-consciousness.6  The object of the evolution of the atom is Man.7  Every atom has seven planes of being.8   Atoms are vibrations.9  Everything lives and is conscious, but all life and consciousness is not similar to the human.

a. Life is the one form of existence manifesting in matter.

b. Matter is the vehicle for the manifesting of soul.

c. Soul is the vehicle for the manifesting of Spirit…

The one Life synthesizes this triplicity.10 

We are told that the whole universe is guided, controlled and animated by an endless series of Hierarchies of sentient Beings.  Each has its mission to perform. They vary in their respective sizes and degrees of consciousness.11  There are those great Devas that receive the energies of the Lord of a constellation or of a solar system and transmit it to the systems under their jurisdiction. Lesser Devas receive it and transmit it to the appropriate vehicles of the Gods. As man is a living organism, and is made in the image of God, so is the universe a living organism. All parts are part of the whole. They are interrelated. They cannot exist out of the body. As man has a blood stream that vitalizes the cells, so are there devas that vitalize the galaxies, solar systems and planets. Because of the Hubble telescope, science now says there are 200 billion galaxies.      


Science gradually is coming closer to the ageless wisdom teachings. It now admits that there is one source for energy.  It recognizes that there is more than just the dense physical plane. They refer to these higher dimensions of consciousness or worlds as implicate orders.

Man is working for liberation from the three lower worlds, to wit: the physical, the astral (or emotional) and the mental.  The next four higher spiritual worlds are those that the ‘Heavenly Man’, our planetary God, has to master.  He too, strives for liberation.  All lives, all entities, whether great or small are striving to return to their Source and are in the process of becoming a Deity.

There are two parallel kingdoms in the world: the human kingdom and the deva kingdom in their varying grades. The two evolve through interaction with each other. They are only parallel in the three worlds of human endeavor. On the four spiritual planes, they are a unity in the body of our Heavenly Man.  He is a Hermaphrodite.12

The devas are the Builders. They are the vehicle for the divine purpose. They mould matter upon a particular plan. These Builders evolve the forms out of their own nature and substance. 13

The great Devas Who co-operate intelligently in the plan of evolution have Their own method of expressing their ideas. The medium is COLOR which can be heard, and SOUND which can be seen. Man reverses the process.   The human kingdom is seeking to express the three divine aspects of Deity, while the Deva kingdom is seeking to express the divine attributes of Deity.  Man is evolving the inner vision and must learn to see. The devas are evolving the inner hearing and must learn to hear. Both are as yet imperfect and an imperfect world is the result.  Man is evolving by means of contact and with experience. He expands. The devas evolve by means of the lessening of contact. Limitation is the law for them. Man aims at self-control. Devas must develop by being controlled. Man is innately Love—the Force which produces coherency. The devas are innately intelligence—the force which produces activity.14  The little deva lives in our subtle bodies, now control us through the habits that we formed.  Man through his mind must learn to control these lives by controlling his desires and appetites.  He has to discipline not only the body, but to be aware of his thoughts and emotions.

The spiritual Hierarchy of our planet works with the greater Hierarchy on Sirius.  We receive energy and aid from other constellations. At this time our humanity is in a period of crisis.  It must make a decision whether to continue on the road of materialism, selfishness, greed, wars, and disaster or to work with goodwill, SHARING the resources of the earth, to implement the necessary changes in our political, social and economic systems.  We are one humanity, made up of different races, colors and creeds.   It is time for the right arm of humanity to desist in stabbing the left arm because the color or creed is different.  The whole body suffers. The world is very sick.

The forces of materialism work not for unity but for disunity.  Unfortunately they have the money and control the population through their Media and banks.  To counteract this negative force, the Hierarchy has sent into the world the Bodhisattva, the Head of the spiritual Hierarchy.  He acts as a magnetic force center to restore harmony and unity among peoples and nations.  He receives energies from outside our planet and solar system.  He is the Lord of Love.  He is known by many names. The Christians know Him as the Christ, the Jews know Him as the Messiah, the Muslims know Him as the Imam Mahdi, the Hindus know Him as Krishna, the Buddhists know Him as Maitreya Buddha.  They know His personal name: the Lord Maitreya.  For more information see:

This picture was taken by the Editor of the Nairobi, newspaper in June 1988. He was present when Maitreya suddenly appeared before 6,000 people a healing and spiritual gathering of Mary Akatsa. He spoke for 17 minutes in Swahili and then disappeared.

Humanity has so many blessings in store for it as soon as the Lord Maitreya can make His presence known through the major Media.  Then, all 49 Ashrams of the Masters which includes their Initiates and disciples, will externalize on the material plane. Their vibrations are so potent.  It means the Kingdom of the Soul will now be on earth.  In addition great Devas will teach men how to heal with color and sound, how to nourish the body and how to draw from the surrounding ethers the requisite foods.15 May it happen soon.  

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Membership and Corresponding Secretary for ISAR (The International Society for Astrological Research). She was past publisher of Kosmos, as well as past Secretary and Director of ISAR and UAC (United Astrology Congress). She was a co-founder of UAC. Her present efforts are to aid in the expansion of humanity’s consciousness by offering, three FREE pages weekly online of the esoteric studies as was known by Pythagoras and Plato. It prepares us for discipleship. 


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