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By  Marguerite dar Boggia


The book "Through the Curtain"1 was published in 1983. It was written by Viola Pettit Neal, Ph.D., and Shifica Karagulla, M.D. Dr. Neal was highly clairvoyant. When she went to sleep at night, she was aware of being in another dimension, attending lectures in night classes. Upon awakening in the morning, she could recall the lectures. She was a student of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and an accepted disciple in the Master Jupiter's ashram. On page 267, here is what she wrote on EARTH CHANGES 1962-2000:


The changes occurring on the planet in human society have generally begun from now to the end of the century. They were discussed under several headings.


Changes in the Physical Appearance of the Planet.


There are movements in the Earth's crust all over the world and, as in the time of ancient Atlantis, there were many warnings --earthquakes, changes in climate, and volcanic eruptions, so today, for the last few years, especially the last year, there have been many earthquakes in different parts of the world which indicate the shift of continents and of the Earth's crust.


The spin of the Earth will change. Not in time of rotation, although there will be a disturbance in the rotation time for a while. The axis of rotation will change. The North axis will move toward Siberia, and the South axis will move into the South Pacific. This will cause considerable disturbance in the atmosphere, producing storms and winds of great velocity and climate change.


The Southern part of the United States will move closer to the equator, and the equator will move closer to the Southern part. The Pacific Coast will be changed right down through South America because of various sinking and land rising. Much of California, quite a bit of it, can come down, and there could be an island of California. A part of California will become a large island.

There will also be changes in the Atlantic, including the St. Lawrence area and Maine. New York and Manhattan will be broken up. The rainfall will be different in various parts of the world. Many desert places will become very fertile with plenty of rainfall. For example, the Sahara Desert in North Africa will become a very populous area and, with lots of rainfall and vegetation, more fertile.


The climate in Arabia will be colder and more temperate, but it will also be a more fertile country, especially in Southern Arabia. There was a great map there or rather a globe of the world; occasionally, places that have changed were indicated.


This will not come all at once. There is a gradual move up in the shifts here and there. There will come a time when there will be tremendous shifts at once and suddenly. This is not too far off, but it was not indicated how soon it would be. We seem to be already in this process of change.2


The present economic picture in the world is moving towards a very serious situation. There will be an economic collapse in the world's countries. Great confusion. New and temporary governments will be set up, dictator governments that will distribute food according to their own idea of who should or should not have it. This will come pretty quickly. It is already beginning.


He mentioned the United States and said that our economic system is already out of the hands of the American people and that our money is totally worthless, although we do not know it. This is true in England and France.3


On page 272, a new teacher indicates what will happen in the future. He says a large portion of the coast of California will sink, and land masses will rise off the coast of California. The whole of Japan will sink. Land changes will be around the Pacific Ocean, including Alaska and South America. There will be changes on the East Coast of the United States, especially in the vicinity of New  York. Some land will rise in the South Atlantic. There will be a great bay where the Mississippi River now is, practically dividing the United States in half. Some of the Great Lakes will be drained, especially Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. Some of England will sink. There will be great changes in the Mediterranean -- earthquakes in Gibraltar and around Turkey. A vast number of the population would be killed, and many more would die from disease and hunger. The changes will be so vast that there will be "a new heaven and a new earth," as the Book of Revelation mentions.  

The sky will have a somewhat different color from the past, and we will talk about the violet sky instead of the blue sky.4    


On page 277, a new teacher said: There is a great deal of trouble ahead for Germany and the United States.

Some of the civilizations in Europe will decline or be destroyed. The planet  Pluto will be torn off our solar system. Those from Pluto here on Earth will be removed from this planet because their source of life is not our solar system (5).

Some may think that the changes in the United States are too drastic. We are not INNOCENT! For many years, we have sided with the wrong nations and have oppressed the innocent people who wanted JUSTICE. We have elected our representatives in Congress! I asked my representative how she voted on the additional armaments to Israel. She did not respond. I learned through alternative media (Information Clearing that she voted with the rest of Congress for the shipment of armaments to Israel. Only 14 members voted NO. This is a sad state for the world! We deserve to be punished! We live under Cosmic Laws.

The suffering of the Palestinians for over seventy years and their bloodletting by the Israelis is a crime most heinous. If not on the physical plane, the punishment will come to all who deserve it in the subtle world. The Will of the Planetary Logos, to wit: brotherly love, will manifest at the end of the Aquarian Age, thanks to the two decanates, Gemini, ruled by Mercury, and Libra, ruled by Venus of the planet Saturn. Then our planet will be a companion to our  Brother planet, Venus.




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