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Pages 45-47

This Hierarchy is a most mysterious one. The relation of the 5th Hierarchy to a certain constellation also has a bearing on this mystery. This is hidden in the karma of the solar Logos and concerns His relationship with another solar Logos and the interplay of force between Them. Entangled closely with these two cosmic Entities was that of the lesser cosmic Entity, Who is the Life of our planet, the Planetary Logos. This triple karma brought in the “Serpent religion” and the “Serpents or Dragons of Wisdom” in Lemurian days. It had to do with Kundalini or Serpent Fire.

A hint lies in the fact that the constellation of the Dragon has the same relation to the ONE greater than our Logos as the center at that base of the spine has to a human being. It concerns stimulation with consequent coordination of the manifesting fires.

The units of this Hierarchy are called “The Hearts of Fiery Love.” They save through love. In Their turn, these lives are peculiarly close to the great Heart of Love of the solar Logos. These great redeeming Angels, Who are the Sons of Men on their own true plane: the mental, are ever pictured as taking the form of twelve-petalled lotuses—this symbology linking them up with the Son of Divine Love: the manifested solar system, which is said to be a cosmic twelve-petalled lotus, and with the logic causal lotus, equally of a twelve-petalled nature. ( A 12 petalled Lotus signifies the heart charka of an Entity, and our solar Logos is unfolding His in this solar system. Mdb)

We have, therefore, a direct stream of energy flowing through:

The logic twelve-petalled egoic lotus, cosmic mental plane.

The solar twelve-petalled lotus.

The planetary logic heart, also a twelve-petalled lotus.

The twelve-petalled human egoic lotus on the mental plane (These energies function like a tuning fork. If the heart center vibrates to the note of “C,” then the energies reverberate throughout the system to the heart centers on that note. It is the same with numbers. The numbers of the sub-planes respond to the same numbers of the higher planes. The egoic lotus is the vehicle of the soul, which is called the “causal” body. The word “ego” has the same connotation as soul or Higher Mind. The Monad signifies the 1st aspect in man while the ego is the 2nd aspect, and the form or personality is the 3rd aspect. All correlate to the 3 aspects of Deity: Will, Love-Wisdom, Intelligence or Spirit, soul and body for man. Mdb)

The twelve petalled heart center in a human being.

Or to word it otherwise, energy follows directly from:

The solar Logos, via three great cosmic centers:

The central Spiritual Sun

The heart of the Sun

The physical Sun.

The heart of the planetary Logos, situated on the fourth cosmic etheric plane (our Buddhic plane)

The egoic lotus of a human being on the mental plane is literally a correspondence to the “heart of the Sun.” The monadic point is a reflection in the human system of the “central spiritual Sun.”

The heart center of a man on the etheric plane of the physical plane is in its turn a correspondence to the physical Sun.

Thus the tiny atom is linked with the great central Life of the solar system.

This fifth Hierarchy is equally, under the law, a distributor of energy to the fifth subplane of each plane in the system, only it must be borne in mind that, in the three worlds, it is in the fifth subplane counting from above downwards, whilst in the worlds of superhuman evolution, it is the fifth counting from below upwards. This Hierarchy wields the dual aspects of manas, one in the three worlds and one which makes itself felt in higher spheres. (We have Higher Mind and a lower mind.

The lower mind combines with the emotional nature to form what is called the kama-manas aspect. It is the combined mental and emotional nature forming the objective mind of the personality. Higher Mind or the Ego or soul attempts to influence the personality. Eventually, through the self-induced efforts on the part of the personality, it will control it. The goal is the fusion of the personality and the soul. That stage is mastership for our planet. Mdb)

Pages 48-49

Bear in mind that all these groups are the TRUE forms of all that persist. All are in the etheric body of the solar Logos or planetary Logos. For too long, students regarded the form as being the dense physical body. In contrast, to occultists, the physical body is a gross Maya or illusion. The true form is the body of vitality or the etheric. Therefore, these Hierarchies ARE THE SUM TOTAL OF THE VITAL LIVES and the substance of ALL THAT IS. We might regard the subject as follows:

The four superior groups are the Hierarchies expressing themselves through the three cosmic ethers: the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.(the monadic, atmic, and Buddhic subplanes.mdb)

The two lowest groups are the lives found functioning as the involutionary matter (organized and unorganized) of the logic dense physical body, the liquid and gaseous, with the living substance of the four higher subplanes of the systemic dense physical body.

The fifth Hierarchy is the mediating body between the higher four and those found on the lower three subplanes. (The mediating body receives the higher vital energies, absorbs them, and then transmits them to the lower lives on the lower planes of consciousness, raising their rates of vibration. Eventually, they will be fused with the mediator. Another interpretation is the positive electrical pole, when in contact with the negative electrical pole, vitalizes the middle pole, producing its greater rate of vibration and more Light. Mdb) There is a significant correspondence to be found between the seven head centers and the seven groups of egos on the mental plane. There is an occult analogy between the three head centers (pineal gland, pituitary body, and the Alta major center) and the expression of these seven groups of egos in the three worlds.

It is useful to remember the place of these Hierarchies in the scheme. Upon the sum total of these vital bodies is gradually gathered the dense manifestation which we regard as the evolutionary matter. The forms are built from the form of all atoms for the body of the ego, from the form of a flower to the vast planetary or solar lotus) because the Hierarchies exist as the aggregate of germ lives, giving the impulse, providing the model through their very existence, the entire raison d’etre of all that is seen on all planes.

Pages 49-50


These hierarchies provide the substance forms of the three worlds and have a vital use. They hold the same relation to the Logos as the dense physical body does to a man. All that concerns the evolution of man must (in this particular place) be studied as going on within the physical, logoic vehicle. They deal with the display of physical energy and the working out in the physical vehicle of all divine purposes and the physical organization of a certain great cosmic Life. (We are cells in the body of our planetary Logos. As our humanity achieves liberation through the fusion of the personality and the soul, our planetary Logos will have achieved His goal, and He can move on to the next higher plane of consciousness. Mdb)

Particularly this is so when we view the two Hierarchies under consideration. They are the lowest residue of the PREVIOUS system and the energy of that matter (liquid, gaseous and dense). The vibration of the logoic permanent atom attracts itself in the building of the divine form. (A permanent atom is the nucleus of a future form. It distributes force & holds the memory of all experiences. Karma is imposed on it. It is always on the first or highest plane. Man has six permanent atoms for his future (some potential) vehicles of expression. Three solar systems are required for the solar Logos to develop His personality. We are in the 2nd solar system. Mdb)

Page 50

It might be noted that the seventh Hierarchy is the LIFE or energy found at the heart of every ATOM. It is its positive aspect. Finally, the sixth Hierarchy is the LIFE of the FORMS of all the etheric bodies of every tangible object. The function of this Hierarchy is described in the words of the Old Commentary:

“The devas hear the word go forth. They sacrifice themselves, and out of their own substance, they build the form desired. They draw Life and the material from themselves and yield themselves to the divine impulse.” (service & sacrifice are part of the Divine Plan.mdb)

From A Treatise on Cosmic Fire pages 1196-1207

(It is the higher self-conscious lives, the Builders who SOUND a mantrum or word for the creation of the forms by the lesser SELF-UNCONSCIOUS lives. Mdb).

A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol.3: Esoteric Astrology By Alice A Bailey

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