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GLAMOUR, A World Problem by Alice A. Bailey

GLAMOUR, A World Problem by Alice A. Bailey


Pg. 1.

I would like to divide what I have to say into three parts, and I plead for a close study of my words:

I. I seek to define for you the intuition

II. I shall deal with its mode of development through the study of symbology.

III. I shall close by giving some specific instructions as to a useful mode of procedure.

Pg. 2

The intuition has no relation to psychism; the seeing of a vision, the hearing of the Voice of the Silence. Intuition is the synthetic understanding which is the prerogative of the soul and it only becomes possible when the soul, on its own level, is reaching in two directions: towards the Monad, and towards the integrated and coordinated and at-owned personality.

Intuition is a comprehensive grip of the principle of universality. When it is functioning, there is, momentarily at least, a complete loss of the sense of separateness. At its highest point, it is known as that Universal Love. Then does criticism become impossible. Then, only is the divine germ seen as latent in all forms.

Pgs. 3-5

Intuition is light itself. When it is functioning, the world is seen as light, and the light bodies of all forms become gradually apparent. It brings with its appearance three qualities:

ILLUMINATION. I do not mean the light in the head. That is incidental. It is that which irradiates the Way. It is the light of the intellect. It is the mind which can reflect itself in that mental apparatus which is held steady in the light.

UNDERSTANDING It connotes the capacity to withdraw from one’s age long identification with form life. This withdrawal is comparatively easy for those who have much of the first ray quality in them. The problem is to withdraw in the esoteric sense, but to avoid the sense of separateness, of isolation and of superiority. It involves an increased ability to love all beings, and yet, at the same time, to preserve personality detachment. This detachment can be so easily founded on an inability to love, in a selfish concern for one’s own comfort: --physical, mental or spiritual, and above all, emotional. Intuitional understanding is always spontaneous.

LOVE This is not affectionate sentiment. It is that synthetic inclusive grasp of the life and needs of all beings. It negates al that builds barriers, makes criticism, and produces separation.

These three words sum up the 3 aspects of the intuition and can be covered by the word, universality, or the sense of universal Oneness. When the theory is grasped and the needed work done, the personality then becomes magnetic, whilst the brain cells around the pineal gland, which have hitherto been dormant, become awakened and vibrant. The nucleus of every cell in the body is a point of light. When the light of the intuition is sensed, it is this cell light which will immediately respond.

Pgs. 6-8


There are many ways in which the intuition can be drawn into activity. One of the most potent is the study and interpretation of SYMBOLS.

Symbols are the outer and visible forms of the inner spiritual realities. When facility in discovering the reality behind any specific form has been gained, that very fact will indicate the awakening of the intuition.

The study of symbols tends to bring about work from the standpoint of reality. When this is carried out with diligence it will produce 3 effects:

1. It trains in the power to penetrate behind the form and to arrive at the subjective reality.

2. It tends to bring about a close integration between the soul-mind-brain, then the inflow of the intuition and illumination and truth becomes more rapidly possible.

3. It will put a strain on certain unawakened areas in the brain and arouse into activity the brain cells there found. This is the first stage in the experience of the aspirant. With the majority of true aspirants, the center between the eyebrows is awakened.

Symbols have to be studied in three ways:

a. Exoterically. This involves study of its form. Its arrangements of cubes, triangles and of stars and their mutual inter relation.

b. CONCEPTUALLY. This involves arriving at its underlying idea, which may be expressed in its name; at its meaning and at its significance as a whole or in part.

c. ESOTERICALLY. This would cover the effect of the force or energy upon you and of the quality of the vibration it may arouse in you.

To the majority this type of study is not easy. It is always distasteful to arouse the latent faculties. It requires an effort and a determination not to e swayed by personality reactions. It is not apparent how the penetration into the meaning of a symbol can provide a means whereby the dormant buddhic or intuitional faculty can be brought into functioning activity.

Students should ascertain after the study of the form aspect, what feeling the symbol evokes, what aspirations it arouses and what dreams, illusions and reactions are consciously registered. This stage is an intermediate

Page 12

There is no set interpretation of any symbol. For each human being that symbol will convey unique meaning. A lack of interest in symbols presupposes usually a lack of interest in the due interpretation of life forms and their meaning.

The great need for most students is to arrive at meaning and to work with ides and concepts.

Page 15

If aspirants will do three things:

a. Develop the power to visualize

b. Train the mind to intuit reality

c. Rightly interpret that which is seen,

They can provide a demonstrating laboratory for the trained Observers of the world. Intuition can break the glamour and illusion which invade the life. The Hierarchy in the future will eventually be able to use the world aspirants as an instrument for the braking of group glamour.

Pages 19-21

Glamour falls into certain broad generalizations such as:

I. The nature of Glamour

II. The Causes of Glamour

III. The Dissipation of Glamour

Glamour, illusion, Maya and the dweller on the threshold all stand for the same general concept or some differentiation of that concept.

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