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Glamour 6

Pages 84-89


The disciple must stand free from the INFLUENCE OF PHYSICAL PLANE FORCE. In the above statement, the whole story of Maya can be found. As a recognized effect, Maya is only experienced when one is upon the Path, beginning with the Path of probation. Maya as a problem only becomes so when recognized.

Upon the Path, one begins to discover the effects of FORCE. One finds oneself consciously the victim of force currents. One is swept into the activity of some kind by uncontrolled forces, and the world of forces becomes a consciously sensed reality. Maya is predominantly a difficulty of the etheric body.

In relation to Maya, we are dealing with the forces pouring through the seven centers of the body, producing reactions and effects that are desirable or disastrous.

All manifestation on all levels is an expression of force. Still, the forces I refer to here are those UNCONTROLLED ENERGIES, those undirected impulses that emanate from the world of prana and from the latent force of matter itself. The student is the victim of mass force, hidden in the animal nature of the world and the environment in which he finds himself. (we know TV advertising agencies use suggestions in their commercials for adults and also for children. Because millions of people are watching the commercial, it makes it more potent because you are blending into a group thought. Mdb). When we use the term' deception,' we mean deception from the angle of the soul. Through intuition, illumination, and inspiration, the aspirant has to stand free from illusion, glamour, and Maya.

On the etheric levels of the physical plane whereon the deceptive power of Maya is experienced, there is the meeting of the forces of the subjective world of the personality and the ancient energies of matter itself brought over as latent seeds from an earlier solar system.

When not under soul control, the latent impulses of the personality life are blended with the pranic fluids within the periphery of the personality sphere of influence. They then become potent directed streams of force, seeking emergence into physical manifestation through the medium of the seven centers in the physical body. The undeveloped and frequently the average man are the victims of the mass-energy of a low kind, for the etheric body is responsive to a type of general environmentalism until there is a higher control, either through oriented aspiration or oriented aspiration or as a result of soul conditioning.

This etheric energy focused on an individual etheric body passes through two stages before the period of discipleship:

The stage wherein it assimilates the force latent in the dense physical form, the energy of the atomic substance, thus producing a blending. This causes the animal nature to conform entirely to the inner impulses emanating from the world of prana, where the undeveloped man is concerned, or from the lower astral, where the average man is concerned.

The moment that an inner orientation towards the world of higher values takes place, then the etheric or vital force is brought into conflict with the lowest aspect of man, the dense physical body, and the battle of the lower pairs of opposites takes

  1. place

During this stage, the emphasis is laid upon the physical disciplines, as total abstinence, celibacy, vegetarianism, upon physical hygiene and exercises. The control of the life of matter, the lowest expression of the third aspect of divinity, can be offset through these. The man is then set free for the true battle of the pairs of opposites. This second battle is the true Kurukshetra. It is fought out in the astral nature, between the pairs of opposites which are distinctive of our solar system, just as the physical pairs of opposites are distinctive of the past solar system.

It might be said that for the human family en masse, this dense physical-etheric conflict was fought out in the World War, which was the imposition of a tremendous test. Our tests are self-imposed and grow out of our limitations and our opportunities. The result of this test was the passing on to the Path of probation of a very large number of human beings. This process prepared them for the prolonged conflict upon the astral plane, which lies ahead of all aspirants prior to achieving initiation. It is the "Arjuna experience." The individual must learn to think in terms of mass occurrences and their preparatory effect where humanity is concerned. The World War was a climaxing point in the process of "devitalizing" the world Maya.

The physical training and disciplines in sports, athletic exercises, and military training are preparing the way for millions to pass upon the Path of purification. Is this a hard truth, my brothers?

The first step to the handling of Maya is its right handling of physical coordination. Hence the emphasis is laid upon this in the training of children. Hence also our use of a similar process under the term ALIGNMENT when dealing with meditation. Therefore, students should ponder upon Physical coordination……Astral orientation……. mental direction and personality alignment.

Pages 90-94



This Dweller is oft regarded as a disaster, a culminating evil. The Dweller faces the Angel of the Presence open-eyed. This Dweller can be defined as the sum total of the forces of the lower nature as expressed in the personality prior to illumination, inspiration, and initiation. The personality at this sage is exceedingly potent, and the Dweller embodies all the psychic and mental forces that have unfolded down the ages. It can be looked upon as the potency of the threefold material form, prior to its consecration and dedication to the life of the soul and to the service of the Hierarchy, of God and humanity. It is the 3rd aspect of divinity as expressed in the human mechanism, which must eventually be subordinated to the second aspect: the soul.


1. On the physical plane…. The dense and the etheric…. Fought out upon the Path of Purification.

2. On the Astral plane…The well-known dualities…. Fought out upon the Path of Discipleship.

3. On the Mental Plane…. The Angel and the Dweller…..Fought upon the Path of Initiation.

It will be of service to you if I indicate the rays which govern your threefold personality. I will elaborate on the training which should be given to each of the 3 bodies. Use the information given in A Treatise on the Seven Rays as your guide in self-analysis. The rays that govern the 3 bodies are Rays 1,4 and 5 for the mental body….Rays 2 and 6 for the astral body and Rays 3 and 7 for the physical body.

Pages 94-97



The cause of glamour is primarily based upon the sense of duality. If such a duality did not exist, there would be no glamour. This perception of the dual nature of all manifestation lies at the root of the trouble with which humanity is faced. This condition is a difficulty in the realm of consciousness itself. It is not really inherent in the substance. The Dweller in the body identifies himself with that which is not himself. He sifts his consciousness to a realm of phenomena that imprisons him until he becomes unhappy. He finally comes to the recognition that he is not what he seems to be and that the phenomenal world of appearances is not identical with reality as he had supposed it to be. From that moment on, he comes to the sense of duality, the recognition of "otherness," and the attempt to achieve at-one-ment. The troubles of the evolving man begin to be observed by him. He faces a long period of "extrication from the glamour and the entering into that world wherein only unity is known." The states from then on might be enumerated as follows:

First: The material world is recognized and valued. Temporarily it is made the goal of all activity. The man refuses to recognize the difference existing between him and the material world. He seeks to identify himself with it and to find satisfaction in purely physical pleasures. This stage divides itself into 2 parts:

That wherein satisfaction is sought in the automatic response to the physical instincts, sex, food, and warmth. The animal nature in man is made the center of the attempt to produce some sense of unity.

  1. Because the inner man is as yet "weak in impact," a physical unification temporarily takes place, which serves to deepen the glamour.

The stage wherein the sense of oneness is sought in the realm of material possessions and in the establishing of a center of beauty and comfort in life on the physical plane. This stage only takes place ages later when the aspirant is about to re-orient himself to truth and take the first steps towards the probationary Path.

  1. The subtle man is now becoming dominant.

Secondly: He becomes aware of forces and energies within himself over which he has no control. He discovers the initial duality: the physical body and the vital or etheric body. The vital body galvanizes the dense physical body into an almost automatic activity. This stage is difficult for humanity as a whole. This constitutes the major problem today in the economic field and in the field of daily living and of government. Today's emphasis is upon the spirit of humanity, the spirit of a nation, and the spirit of a group. This is all the result of the battle going on between this pair of opposites in the field of human affairs and in the area of individual average human living. It is this conflict that produces the re-orientation of the race to the TRUER VALUES.

It lands the man, as an individual, and the mass, as a whole, upon the Path of Purification. When there is a unification of these energies upon the physical plane, you are determined to travel in a specific direction. There follows the RESOLUTION of the duality into a unity. This resolution works out into a temporary astral unity, and then there emerges the devotee. He is found in all fields: of religion, science, politics, or in any other department of life. He has a grasp of truth and a picture of the immediate way to go. It serves temporarily to glamour the man with a sense of achievement, of power, and of destiny. He goes ahead blindly until he is brought up against changing conditions.

To Learn more Please consult the Book 'Glamour, a World Problem By Alice Bailey

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