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Nikola Tesla was a gift to our humanity from Venus. He was the world’s greatest inventor, a pioneer, blazing the trail. He had patents for 1,200 inventions, including operating a car and/or spacecraft without any fuel, wireless electricity, the radio, robots, etc.1 He wrote an autobiography which was given to Arthur H. Matthews. Matthews was the son of a helper to Lord Kelvin. Matthews included Tesla’s autobiography in his book, The Wall of Light, Nikola Tesla & the Venusian Space Ship The X-12. Historians agree that Tesla was born at midnight between 7/9/1856 and 7/10/1856.2. Matthew’s book indicates that Tesla was born on a UFO. He was given to a good family in Smiljan, Serbia3. For the date of birth and place, I use 7/10/1856, 00:01 AM, LMT, Smiljan, Serbia 15E19; 44N35. He died on 1/7/1943. Personally, I believe the chart is speculative if he was born on a space ship. The time of birth is more likely 00:21 AM, giving an ascendant at 11+ Taurus. Tesla knew he was from Venus. He referred to his parents as his “earth” parents.4 This is the chart:

As you can see, the mutable houses, 12, 6, and 3 are full. Friends urged him to use his money from his inventions to create his own company to promote and sell his inventions; but with the strong mutable houses, oriented towards the mind, service and spiritual aspiration, he was not a CEO type, but a creator who lived in mind. He tore up the contract he had with Westinghouse for total remuneration for his inventions when the bankers and backers objected.5 He was grateful to George Westinghouse. His invention, finally being developed, was more important than the money. He had Neptune trine Sun and Venus. He had faith that he would have money when he needed it. His mission in life was to serve humanity. Neptune, the 12th house and the 6th house all denote helping and service to others. The cardinal signs gave him initiative, drive, accomplishment, enthusiasm, and activity.

Venus, the ruler of the Taurus ascendant, is the Ruler of the chart. It conjoins Sun and Saturn and is in a heavy T square with the planets in Libra and Aries. Tesla was lovable and very loving, without any trace of arrogance. He was a poet, and like his father, who knew entire books by heart. His father quipped, if the classics were lost, he could recite them from memory.6 Neptune trines Venus, the planets of art and beauty. Literature, music, and art were a source of joy and exhilaration to Tesla. While walking with his friend in the city park at sunset, he recited a passage in German of Goethe’s Faust. Then the idea came like a flash of lightning, and he saw the solution to his problem of his invention of an alternating current electrical system.7

In youth, his great joy came from reading books. Mercury, in its own sign of Gemini, was in the third house of mind. Until he was 8 years of age, he said his character was weak and vacillating. Then he read a novel entitled “Aoafi.” It awakened his dormant powers of will. When he practiced self-control, he experienced a pleasure never known before.8 Pluto (willpower) conjoins the ascendant. By the time he was 11, he had read all of the books in his Father’s vast library. He learned more from those books than he did in school. He was conversant in several languages besides English, to wit: German, French and Italian.

Venus conjunct the Sun gave him courage, generosity, self-reliance, practical ability, stability, refinement, firmness, and modesty. With Saturn conjunct Venus, he was identified with work. Discipline and organization were essential in his life and work. He could work for 72 hours straight. He did not need much sleep.

The highest creative power of Venus is the use of the Higher Mind. In occultism, it is called Kriyashakti. It is the use of thought, which is energy, which can produce great works.9 He could project his thought to another and was convinced that the thought could be materialized. Because he had developed the ability to visualize as a child, he could see his invention in etheric matter. There was no need to test it or experiment with it. He derived great pleasure from the success of his invention and the knowledge that it would eliminate the drudgeries of life for humanity.

The aspect of the T square in Cancer in the third house of siblings, wherein Moon squares Venus, demonstrated as the tragedy, which he witnessed when his exceptionally gifted elder brother, (whose rare phenomena of mentality which biological investigation has failed to explain) received devastating injuries from their thoroughbred horse. The death of his beloved brother caused much suffering to him and to his parents. He said that it contributed to little confidence in himself.10 Venus in the T square contributed to his belief that he would always be wealthy. He was impractical in handling money and had very little towards the end of his life.

Moon and Mars in the 6th house of health afflicted by the stellium in Cancer and Jupiter in Aries, manifested as Tesla’s three life-threatening illnesses; he almost drowned a dozen times; was nearly boiled alive and just mist being cremated. He was entombed, lost, and frozen.11 Years later, he had a nervous breakdown for months, wherein his hearing was so acute that the landing of a fly caused a dull thud on his ear. The pain was unbearable. We cannot imagine what torture he went through.12 After he contracted malaria and cholera, he was in bed for nine months. Many times he was completely exhausted by pain from overwork.

In boyhood, he suffered from an affliction which contributed to his late awakening. Images (of ordinary things and scenes) would appear accompanied by strong flashes of light, which marred the sight of real objects. He was unable to distinguish whether what he saw was tangible or not. He could not banish the image or scene. To free himself from these tormenting images, he continuously conjured up new images. Then he saw new scenes which were at first indistinct. Every night he would see new cities and countries. He would live there and make friendships. However unbelievable, they were just as dear to him as those in actual life.13 (I believe it was the soul that was experiencing these things. He had continuity of consciousness.) He was 12 when he succeeded in banishing an image from his vision by willful effort, but he had no explanation for the strong flashes of light. They usually occurred when he was in danger or greatly exhilarated. Sometimes all the air around him filled with tongues of living flame. They attained a maximum when he was about 25 years old.14 The flashes of light protected him from harm. The incessant mental exertion developed his powers of observation. These experiences helped him when he was older.15 He could visualize in detail his inventions in 3-D.

Tesla gave up everything that would undermine health, such as coffee and smoking. He did not indulge in alcohol. He said that abstinence was not always to his liking, but he found ample reward in having good health. He was in such good physical condition, that at the age of 59 while walking on a cold night when the ground was slippery, suddenly his legs went up in the air. At the same instant, there was a flash in his brain. The nerves responded the muscles contracted. He swung thru 180 degrees, landed on his hands and continued walking.16 His weight (142 lbs) remained the same all of his life. He was 6’2” tall.

He has the fixed sign of Taurus on the ascendant. This balances the cardinal signs and mutable houses and gave him, determination and fixity. At one time he had a compulsion to finish everything he started. He started to read Voltaire, when he learned to his dismay, that there were almost 100 large volumes in small print which that monster had written while drinking 72 cups of black coffee each day. When he laid aside the last book, he said: “Never More!”17 (I’ll bet that cured his compulsion!)

The Sun is the Life-Giver in the chart. It conjoins the IC and therefore is more influential. It expresses as the sign of kings: Leo. When he had money, he had the behavior of royalty. He dined at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel every evening at 8 PM. He was arrayed in formal attire: white tie and tails. The Head Waiter was the only one to serve him. He carried a cane and wore gray suede gloves. He wore the gloves for a week and then discarded them. He purchased a new tie each week. After the first use of a handkerchief, they were discarded. His collars were never worn more than once.18 He had an appreciation for elegant clothes, neatness, and harmony in his personal self-expression. He was meticulous in his dress and was quite handsome. He was exceedingly generous with tips to errand boys, cab drivers, etc. He had confidence that he would always be a millionaire and he lived like one, especially when he received a million dollars from George Westinghouse.

Sun conjunct Saturn strengthened his instincts for science. It gave him practicality, discipline, and responsibility. He excelled in math, mechanics, and physics. When he came to the United States, he worked for Thomas Edison, whom he admired. He worked from 10:30 AM to 5:00 AM. He did not complain. When the Manager for Edison’s company said that he would give him $50,000 for his invention, but later said he meant it as a joke, he quit.19

Sun trine Neptune gave him the love of beauty, literature, poetry, art, and spiritual aspiration. It developed his imagination and inspiration. He believed that imagination in the child was important. It should be developed. With Neptune sextile Uranus, he was receptive to the soul’s intuition and inspiration which expressed as his inventive genius. When a youth, he was impressed with a picture of the Niagara Falls. He said that someday he would harness that energy for man. He did 30 years later through the use of his alternating current system of electricity.20

Sun square Moon affected his family life. He wanted to be an engineer. His father insisted that he enter the clerical profession because of Tesla’s weak body. This depressed him. His father was an orthodox priest. When Tesla was gravely ill, he told his father that he would get well if he allowed him to become an engineer. His father agreed and sent him to the best schools.

Sun square Mars manifested as impulsiveness, immediate action, and wild endeavors. As a youth, he got into more scrapes than nearly cost his life. As a child, he had the unique distinction of being the greatest frog catcher, may buy catcher, and crow catcher.

In later years, his biggest problem was that he had no patience. Everything had to be done immediately. His helpers did not have the energy to work for 48 hours. He lacked tact with engineers who could have helped him.

He knew he was a superman, and when he was offered the Nobel physics prize to be shared with Edison, he refused it. He was proud, overly sensitive, and resentful. He felt the prize should have been given to him years before. Instead, prizes were awarded to inventors of little consequence.22

The Moon in Libra contributed to his intellectual and artistic inclinations. Its conjunction to Mars expressed as great intensity, energetic action, and accomplishment. He was self-willed as a youth. He enjoyed gambling with cards. No reproach from his father could induce him to stop. It was his mother who had him stop. She gave him a roll of bills and said: “Enjoy your gambling until you ruin us.”23 His Mother was the inventor and came from a family of inventors: Her Father and Grandfather were inventors.

Moon square Venus expressed as emotional discomfort and stress. The thought of compulsory three-year service in the military depressed him. Also, he was exhausted after completing his studies at the universities. He studied from 3 AM to 11 PM each day.

Moon and Venus are in mutual reception. That means they are in each other’s sign. Moon is in Libra, and Venus is in Cancer. This gives them more influence in the chart. Since the aspect is a square, they do not help each other.

Moon square Saturn manifested as distress as a child when he had flashes of white light. As a child, he did not believe that he was special. When he was six years old, the family moved into the city of Gospic. Seeing the city dudes and strange people from his window in the new house, was so terrifying that he would rather have faced a roaring lion. His hardest trial came on Sunday when he had to attend the service. He was that bashful!24

The thought that his inventions were used by the politicians for war depressed him.

With Moon opposition Jupiter, the thought of entering into the clergy as a profession greatly oppressed him. At times he was disappointed in finding backers for his inventions.

Pluto conjoining the ascendant, gave him intuition from his Higher Mind. When his teacher at the university said that the alternating current system of electricity was impossible, he almost concurred with him, but inwardly he knew that he was right and his teacher was wrong. Pluto demonstrated as ‘control.’ He had to be in total control of everything. He could not delegate authority to anyone. His inability to work with others and to share his plans was his greatest handicap.

Jupiter square Saturn in the 3rd house of mind expressed as the belief system of the materialistic scientist. He said that only matter and energy operated in life. He was emphatic that he had no psychic experiences. He did not want to be connected with spiritualism, which was popular at the time. He was overly optimistic (Jupiter) that he would always be able to live in the lifestyle of a millionaire. He knew he was a superman.

Pluto sextile Saturn is the aspect of the Higher Mind enlightening the lower intellectual mind. He had so many creative ideas. He wanted to develop them all to better the conditions of humanity. Work was no drudgery. It was a pleasure.

Mercury conjunct Saturn bequeaths a mind that is more along the lines of science.

Mercury is strong in its own sign, Gemini. He had a sense of humor and could laugh at himself. He said it took him one year before he got the meaning of a joke.25 Neptune strong in its own sign of Pisces gave him insight and faith, but no money. Mercury was the ruler of the 2nd house of money in a very wide square to Neptune. He gave no thought to collecting money from manufacturers who used his patents. As a result, he was always in need of it to carry out his experimentations.

I would be remiss if I omitted the esoteric rulers of the planets for someone at his point in evolution. Vulcan, a first ray planet,26 is the ruler of his Taurus ascendant. It is usually close to the degree of the Sun, which would mean that it would be close to the IC, thus making it more influential and dominant. It is the soul that expresses through the ascendant.27 A first ray planet expresses as a very strong Mars-Aries. The natives are self-willed in youth, daring, rash, intrepid, and need to be a leader in control.28

The esoteric ruler of the sign of Cancer, his Sun sign, is Neptune. This fits in with his inspiration, intuition, imagination, and spiritual inclinations. The esoteric ruler of Libra is Uranus. This is the planet that rules inventions and new-age technology which he so abundantly bequeathed to the world.

I believe that Arthur Matthews was the illegitimate son of Nicola Tesla. Tesla knew him from boyhood. They even looked alike. Tesla gave his autobiography to him and helped him to build wireless voice instruments so that they could communicate with each other. He also helped him to build an instrument extending 30,000 miles up to help space ships to land on Matthews’ property in Canada.

∆ ∆ ∆

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Membership Secretary for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She was past Secretary and Director of ISAR and Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She was a co-founder of UAC and its past Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet


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