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So many enlightened, brilliant souls are being born with each generation.  Dr. Harry Oldfield is one of them. He is a trained British biologist turned energy-field researcher. Oldfield qualified as a homeopathic physician in 1982. He is a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society, Oxford. He is an inventor, scientist, and explorer of unknown realms. The book: Harry Oldfield’s Invisible Universe, was written by Jane and Grant Solomon.

Using microchip technology, Oldfield developed in the late 1980s, a computerized video scanner which could provide a real-time, moving image of the energy field or aura. It sees the imbalances in the energy field rather than the disease in the body. He called this Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP). This system captures changing patterns of light energy emanating from all living things including crystals. It shows up many patterns and colors which a trained eye can relate to a person’s energy balance and well being.

In his PIP scans of people with missing limbs, there have been images showing a phantom limb.  His images compare the energetic profile of organic muesli with a commercial breakfast cereal.  One disturbing PIP image was of a 15-year old cocaine addict.  The crown chakra (or etheric head center) was fractured and forming a drain while seemingly detached entities clung, suction-like, to the lower limbs.  In PIP photographs, cancer shows up as a chaotic, explosion of light fibers, a kind of frayed fragmentation around finger tips, in sharp contrast to the more harmonious bundles of sustained light energy in a healthy human being where there is no such depletion.

He then developed a technique that he called the Electro-Scanning Method, or ESM. Measurements of the energy field taken at many locations enables the build-up of an image in three dimensions. Kirlian photography is limited to giving a two-dimensional view, but ESM is able to give 3D numerical information in decibel levels about a subject's energy field, both at the surface and at a short distance.

 Being interested in healing, he looked for a method for restoring the energy field of a patient to normal.  He believed that the state of a healthy equilibrium is more able to begin a self healing process.  He then developed a method for making the necessary energies available.  He called his system Electro-Crystal Therapy. (EleCT).  His machines could diagnose and treat the human energy fields. It involved the linking of electronic oscillator equipment with certain crystals. Crystals have had natural healing properties associated with them.  He found out which frequency and pulses to use in order to stimulate the crystals, from ancient knowledge about the chakra frequencies, contained in the Upanishads, which are the teachings of Hinduism. Each chakra, which is a vortex of energy, is depicted as a lotus flower with a specific number of petals.  He was told that the number of petals represented the frequencies of each chakra. He then worked out mathematically the frequency patterns for the seven major chakras from base to the crown.

When crystals were added to the electromagnetic field, he found that the healing effect took a quantum leap. People with MS would find that their limbs were strengthening and straightening and they would not get tremors and cramps at night. Arthritic pain was relieved. Some people with cancer pain came off their morphine.  He found a way to balance the energy fields and bring harmony back to the system.

The image on the left shows a man with ‘healthy’ back energy. The image on the right shows a man with back pain in the area of the red congestion on the spine. Note the line of red energy flowing away to the right which is in the area of muscle spasm. Muscle tension is indicated by ‘bands’ flowing across the upper back. The left elbow is also indicating an energy imbalance. All colors represent different frequencies of energy. (Jane Solomon Interview June/1999 Energy Magazine Issue 41.)

He found that all PIP images of the human body show close correlations with two healing systems that have been known for thousands of years. The energetic eddies and clusters graphically represented are similar to the chakras described in Ayurvedic medicine and to the energy meridian pathways in traditional Chinese medicine.  With the PIP system, leaks and blocks in the energy flow can be seen. This information can be very useful in natural medicine assessment, such as alternative medicine (e.g., acupuncture, homeopathy, reflexology or the Oldfield EleCT equipment).  In certain circumstances PIP technology is able to pinpoint disturbed energy states before they become evident by standard diagnosis.  His instruments are helping people all around the world in twenty countries. He unreservedly declares that he works for God.

This pioneering technique was developed to help improve health, but he found that it could be used for investigating paranormal phenomena. From cemeteries and from battlefields, he has PIP photographs of ghost forms. The book, Harry Oldfield’s Invisible Universe explains: “The proposition is that other energy-universes may exist on what are often called ‘related planes of reality’, other dimensions where matter is vibrating at higher frequencies than matter in the physical plane.” 

In 1995, he was conducting a scientific investigation into the energy configurations surrounding a well-known psychic surgeon: Stephen Turoff. Whilst he was examining the healer’s energy field, a face with a beard appeared on his computer screen and smiled at him. This was one of Stephen’s spirit guides, a being from another dimension, captured by scientific equipment. This was an unintentional by-product of his many interests.

Drs. Brian Dailey and Harry Oldfield first met in Iceland in 2005 at a Healing the Healers conference.  Brian organized a tour for Harry to the Gettysburg battlefields.  Not only did they observe and record discarnate entities left over from the Gettysburg battles, but also unknowingly captured on PIP video three saucer-shaped vehicles  hovering in a clear blue sky, that were not observable to the naked eye. 

Brian unofficially took Oldfield to the Monroe Institute in Virginia, where he was introduced to a large crystal in the middle of a field.  This crystal, standing over seven feet tall and more than four feet wide, is one of a pair and is reported to be one of the largest single crystals of quartz outside of a museum. Its effect was so powerful that if they were within 30 feet of it with their laptops, the crystal would interfere with the programs, causing them to crash.  Staying out of its circle of influence, they were able to use PIP to observe Brian’s energy interactions with the crystal, including his “charging” the crystal with energy using Reiki techniques and special breathing. They then observed the crystal glow with white light at its tip.  When Brian released this energy, it caused strange interactions in the sky above. These energy patterns could only be seen with their apparatus.  (They could have been devas or what the Church calls ‘angels’.)

The Oldfield microscope utilizes ideas about the selection of appropriate light waves to reveal hitherto-unseen information at the microscopic level.  With a standard student-level microscope fitted with Dr. Oldfield’s special adaptation, the resulting images are of extraordinary clarity. Bacteria is increased in size 10,000 times. The following first demonstration is of an image of pollen from an ordinary microscope and the second is from Oldfield’s:

Oldfield’s research continues unabated.  With more funding, he could finish the work he has started on his many studies which include: fractal investigations into the make-up and geometry of nature; ways to break down certain plastics safely in the environment with the help of micro-organisms; and his vortex energy theory that he believes could be applied to tornadoes to develop ways to disperse their destructive power. He also has ideas and theories that he would like to apply to re-ozonize the damaged ozone layer and, using ocean technologies, to reverse greenhouse gas effects.

Oldfield’s respect for the universal pulsation and presence of “life” is paramount. He has developed both a school and clinic near London to make available his gentle and inexpensive diagnostic and treatment methods. He teaches that conscious INTENT and AWARENESS can influence and change energetic patterns, or keep negative ones in place. In effect, what you think does matter in the invisible universe.

For more information on his electro-scanning methods, and electro-crystal method, visit the websites and

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Membership and Corresponding Secretary for ISAR (The International Society for Astrological Research). She was past publisher of Kosmos, as well as past Secretary and Director of ISAR and UAC (United Astrology Congress). She was a co-founder of UAC. Her present efforts are to aid in the expansion of humanity’s consciousness by offering, three FREE pages weekly online of the esoteric studies as was known by Pythagoras and Plato. S


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