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Of Galaxies and Solar systems

About Galaxies

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Thus, the cosmic comet now has settled in space as a relatively circular disc of glowing light surrounding a globular heart, which latter is the developed golden germ which the cosmic comet has become. The heart of this in later aeonic time becomes the heart or chief fohatic center of the universal solar system.

Movement is innate, inherent in any laya center thus awakened to activity, because of the forces and energies and substances flowing downwards through it, and thus rotation is immediately inaugurated, a continuation of the rotary movement of the comet. This movement of the entire nebula, as it now is, continues until the end of the Maha-Saurya-Manvantara. In the fabric of this nebula there appear the minor seeds each one of which, from innate powers of movement, takes unto itself both rotary and translatory motion. These minor foci in the general nebula are the beginnings of what will in time become the planets. The student must remember the important fact that we are now discussing the primordial or first appearance of the universal solar system and are not discussing at present the many reimbodiments of any one planetary chain, concerning which last there is another story to tell.

All through this process of the formation of the comet and nebula, they are all marked by the glowing of the Cold Flame, which actually is the Daivi-Prakriti so often spoken of in our works.

Now even when the lowest cosmic plane has been reached, which is the point we are now studying, there is as yet no appearance of what we call physical matter, which comes only at the most material or most grossly unfolded stage of the evolution of the universal solar system. The 'cold flame' which is the appearance of the lowest cosmic plane of Daivi-Prakriti, is in fact matter belonging to another plane or rather subplane, than that of our physical world, and is indeed, what we humans all matter in its first or highest and second or next highest, conditions or states. It is, really, the same glowing luminosity that the visible orb of our Sun even at present has, for what our eyes see and call our Sun is physical matter in its two highest conditions, with the exception, however, that because the Sun has in its unfolding evolution reached the lowest possible stage for the present Maha-Saurya-Manvantara, it contains or is surrounded by an aura or veil of matter somewhat more material, which we can truly call matter in its third stage of condensation downwards. Thus, we have the paradox that the Sun itself is neither solid, liquid, nor gaseous, nor is it hot, although it is most emphatically glowing and glowing with a cold flame. Nevertheless, there is 'heat' around the outermost veil of the Sun produced not by burning or incandescence, but because of the tremendous working of chemical and alchemical association and disassociation of the LIFE-ATOMS which form the Sun's outermost garment. All these garments of the Sun are its aura, its vital aura and in fact, are the grossest expression of the solar Auric Egg. Thus, even the aura of the Sun or rather the titanic energies producing its luminosity are the manifestation of Daivi-Prakriti on the highest two planes of the physical universe. Daivi-Prakriti itself is Intellectual Light in its higher parts, Spiritual Consciousness in its highest parts and nebular and cometary luminosity when it touches the higher subplanes of our material cosmic world or plane.

It has been frequently said that during the Maha-Saurya-Pralaya the spiritual, intellectual and higher psychical Principles or Elements of a universal solar system exist in space in the incomprehensible activity of these higher principles, although the lowest and lower principles of such system are dispersed and dissociated during such pralaya. The life-atoms of these lower and lowest principles hang in space in a condition which we may figure as being inactive, and, as it were, 'frozen' in somnolence. In such condition these life atoms of the lower principles remain during the long ages of the Maha Saurya Pralaya, but when the reimbodiments of the higher principles of a universal solar system begin to take place, and when the descending------ Life thereof reaches the lower planes of space, then these inactive life-atoms hitherto hanging in space, awaken into activity again and are all attracted to and surround and thus help to reform the lower principles and the body of the said universal solar system as the descending Life reaches the various planes and subplanes on which these multitudes of life-atoms had been waiting in their long pralayic rest.

Thus, then, and returning to the main theme of the reappearance on the different cosmic planes of a universal solar system, we find first the cosmic comet slowly expanding and gathering unto itself multitudes of waiting and frozen life-atoms as it rushes hither and yon through space. Reaching its karmically destined locus or place in the galaxy and passing by degrees through the stages of diffuse nebula and slowly rotating spiral nebula, it gradually assumes the form of the annular or ring-nebula, and finally attains a spherical or egg-shaped form.

Thus, it is that universal nature, the great cosmic Mother repeats her operations on all planes and in all ranges, high and low, inner and outer, for analogical action is merely the course of procedure of universal and all-permanent consciousness, which automatically follows the inherent laws of its own being.

Once that a universal solar system or general Egg of Brahma has reached its grossest stage or most evolved stage of emanational unfolding, we have a universal solar system just like our own, consisting of a number of different solar systems collected together because of karmic descent and destiny. Our own solar system is one of these systems which together with the systems invisible to us form the universal solar system.

Thus far we have been discussing, as clearly as possible in view of the enormously intricate and complex character of our subject, what we may call the mechanics of the Arc of Descent. The Arc of Ascent, which is in other words the return to Spirit of the Egg of Brahma, is accomplished by a reversal all along the line of what took place on the Arc of Descent. Slowly through long aeonic time, and from the very beginning of the Arc of Ascent, the Universal solar system follows its long journey backwards to Spirit. First all the lowest portions of the lowest cosmic plane begin to infold or involve like an infolding scroll. When the lowest cosmic plane has been thus rolled up or infolded or involved, then a similar procedure takes place with the next higher cosmic plane. Thus, it continues through all the seven manifested planes until once again Spirit is reached, the Maha-Saurya-Manvantara is ended, and all the vast aggregate of the highest and higher principles of the said system enter into their paranirvanic bliss and rest. There, where formerly the Brahmanada-Purna had existed in all the plenitude of its unfolded powers there now is what popular language calls 'empty space.' A sublime picture indeed! Slowly the long cosmic Ages pass; the system is in its pranirvanic and utterly inexpressible condition; yet though the ages be many and long, the time in endless duration will again arrive when once more the great drama of the universal solar system will begin -- a new universal solar system, but on a series of cosmic planes higher than those of its old self. All that was once X or Y or Z in the old, is now A and B and C in the new. Thus, by gradual stages up the galactic ladder of Being, our system, any system, climbs to destinies inconceivable by man.

Yet behind it all and outside of all phenomenal appearances, however great, this latte may be, there is that inconceivable SOMETHING, unthinkable by both gods and men, and yet intuitively cognizable, which the reverences of the Sages of archaic times called THAT. However, sublime the highest gods may be, however vast their expanse of consciousness and understanding, the Esotericist should ever keep in heart and mind as the ultimate living intuition of highest Truth, that whatever is 'appearance,' however high, is after all maya. It is the Incomprehensible, the Unthinkable, the Unimaginable, the Ever enduring, which alone is Eternal.

It is this vast MYSTERY, of which we are all children, gods and men, universes and atoms, galaxies and aggregates of galaxies, which is the eternal Center of us, the rootless root of our inmost essence from which we all came, unto which by periodic returns we all revert, and which because of its unimaginable mystery we must call the Nameless.

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