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The first time I encountered someone who had a Near Death Experience was when I was eighteen years of age. Gladys and I were students at a dress designing school. While she was out of her body, she said that her husband was about to place her in an insane asylum! She saw all of her incarnations going even back to a FISH. She could feel the fins in her nostril. She said it was unpleasant to have to drag the entity out of her body.

The next NDE I had was with my first husband. A group of us Rosicrucian members were having coffee in the cafeteria. He told us that when he was in the Italian air force, while out of the body, he was ordered by his guide to play an instrument. There was no such instrument of that kind on earth. The closest to it would be an organ. He indicated to his guide that he was not a musician. The guide commanded him to PLAY. To his surprise he could play! While returning to his body, he saw many of his past incarnations. In Greece he saw a statue which he knew was himself. Later he learned that it was the statue of the King of Sparta. Persia was about to attack Greece. He and his men were guarding a path to prevent the entrance of the Persian soldiers. A 'Judas' told the Persians how to enter through the rear. He and his men were slaughtered. In almost all of his incarnations he was a warrior, a general, a leader of men in battle. In one incarnation he was in the court of King Louis IV. In his last incarnation he was one of the generals of Napoleon. Later, he learned he was General Joachim Murat.

He was out of the body for twenty days. A telegram was sent to his parents saying that he had 'died'. When he returned to his body, his Soul told him "NO MORE WARS"! He was told that while out of his body, his physical body was attacking the nurses.

His body was very weak. After a little while he was able to re-cooperate in his home. That was when he wrote his first adventure novel in Italian at the age of eighteen. When he returned to the United States he serialized it for radio for the Italian audience in New York City.

He had the ability to recall his experiences when he woke from his asleep. He would tell me all of his experiences. One time he had sex with a girl to prevent her from becoming a nun. Another time he beat up a man on the psychic plane, which man, wanted to seduce me. That man never bothered me again! Another time he woke up saying a HUGE face of a cosmic entity smiled at him. During the Vietnam war, he was helping the North Vietnamese to win the war. He said that his destiny was to 'take me across the river.' My destiny was to send out the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, free of charge to anyone who had email who wished it.

The most famous case of a NDE was that of a little Hindu girl by the name of Shanti Devi. When she was four years old she would talk of her home and her husband. I wrote an article about her experience, which article is called "Shanti Devi, the Child who recalled her last life." It is on my website, under Articles. She never married and she studied astrology.

My first husband is the astrological twin of Joseph Campbell, who is noted for his myths. My article "Astrological twins show the Importance of Rays" is on my website under 'Articles'. You will notice that my husband's second house is loaded. It indicates that in his last life he was wealthy, but not in this life.

I have been asked to give my time of birth. I am the astrological twin of Dr. Douglas Baker. He started schools in England for the Esoteric studies. His ascendant was Libra and mine is Scorpio.

This is my chart: I was born on1/1/23 in New York City, NY. at 2:03:40 AM EST.

Marguerite dar Boggiais the former Membership Secretary and Director for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She is the former the Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She is a co-founder of UAC and its past Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. To that end, she offers FREE, online, three pages weekly of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as was known by Pythagoras. Some of these teachings were read by Albert Einstein. To receive these studies, subscribe to our newsletter.

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