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By Marguerite dar Boggia

This is an autobiographical book of the life of William Mills Tompkins.

What makes this autobiography so unusual is a true account of a very young boy with a curious attitude, enthusiasm, imagination, and ability to conceive in his mind how in the future we can develop our capability of penetrating out into space by using the Navy to establish commerce with other civilizations in the galaxies. He tells how he believes he was selected by Nordic Extraterrestrials in 1942 and how they helped him through telepathy. Finally, he speaks of his work for defense contractors in "think tanks."

I first heard of this book when I read David Wilcock's "Ascension Mysteries." In that book, Wilcock wrote he was fortunate enough to get an extended interview with William Tompkins, the ninety-four-year-old aerospace engineer. Here is what Tompkins told Wilcock that NASA found on the Moon in their interview in 2017:

"The first missions that we did going around the Moon with the astronauts were just preliminary missions before the LEM had to go up there and land. Here we have these three guys in there, and they have cameras. As they go around the Moon, they see all these structures -- both on the view side facing us and then really elaborate systems on the other side that we can't see. So they photograph this stuff. NASA does. And holy cats, what's that all about? Everybody at NASA is looking over the photographs and figuring out what is going on. We make another orbit a couple of weeks later, and, oh my gosh. Did you see the height of that building?... It has to be three miles high. And wait a minute! They were building that thing. It was only ten stories tall. And in three weeks, it's three miles high? Who is doing that construction? Do you realize it would take us ten years to get half the height of that building?

"Now, wait a minute. Look again. Do you see that large rectangular structure? It is floating! It is not even on the (surface of the Moon). It's got to be at least four or five miles high and ten miles wide! Now, what in the hell is that? You've got to be kidding me. And it's translucent. You can see rooms inside. You can see elevators! Well, holy cats. Don't let anybody find out about this. See what I am trying to say?.... We are watching this being built. Guys with amateur cameras, if they watch this and have a big enough camera and telescope, they can see this building being built in a few days by some massive production method developed by extraterrestrials...It is insane! Bridges are being built several days across a deep cavern and can be five or six miles long. This bridge will be built in a few days. Bang, Bang, Bang it's all done. . . ."

Tompkins said that they were in shock when the astronauts landed on the Moon. They found other E.T.s there who were using the Moon as their base. They were told that they were TRESPASSING! But, they were allowed to pick up some stones and take pictures.

Tompkins told Wilcock of two huge Antarctica caverns holding as many people as we have on earth. The Nazis contacted them in 1913, and they taught the Nazis how to make UFOs. In 1947 Admiral Richard E. Byrd tried to wipe out these people from the Orion Federation known as Draco. Still, all of the fleets of the U.S. were badly damaged by the flying antigravity spacecraft of the Orion Federation.

The Nordic extraterrestrial assigned to Tompkins was a beautiful blond with blue eyes and gorgeous long legs. She wore mini-skirts. Her name was Jessica. She knew more about unconventional propulsion systems than he did. She used telepathy to inspire him in his work. One of her help was that the Nordic E.T.'s wanted the U.S. to fight in the war with hostile extraterrestrials. Jessica tried much time to arouse Tompkins sexually. He said, "I am married." They would have parties where the men and their nordic secretaries would be nude in the pool. Some of the Nordic girls would wear no brassiere with their see-through blouses. They would love to tempt the young men.

Tompkins told Jessica that everything in NASA's requirements must be changed. Jessica said: "I know that. So here are the new planetary ownership requirements. I rewrote the planetary requirements last night after you fell asleep." Tompkins could not believe it since it is 700 pages of all-new legal documentation. She then gave Tompkins a copy, Cliff, Tompkins's assistant, and Ralph, the patent attorney. Jessica worked until 4:00 AM on the Moon and Mars ownership proposal all that time. This will reveal to you some of Jessica's talents.

Tompkins always had a rough model built for his concepts. For example, on his briefing to the NASA Brass, he had a Douglas model shop build a 6 x 6-foot scale mock-up concept model of his step-down theater section of their S-VI stage systems integration control center.

Tompkins needed the approval of NASA to approve his plan. Unfortunately, NASA's plan did not work.

Jessica said, "It must be now" Then Jessica leaned over and rubbed Tompkin's shoulders. She put her hand on his face, turned it towards her, and stared right into his eyes. Smiling and with no lip movement, she said telepathically, "You damn well better go through with it, or your little ass will be in a sling...this stuff has got to hold their attention until you, Billy boy, close the deal. It would be best if you dramatically pulled the blue cloth off the top of our Apollo model system control center at precisely the right moment to knock them off their feet. Pull them back up; point them into the right direction to the Moon." She said to me telepathically that I would accomplish this proposal alone, with no support. She said: "You, Billy boy, after landing in Huntsville, will be in a three-piece dress suit, with a white shirt and tie, renting an open bed 10-truck that you have never driven before. The rental man will look at you funny: driving a truck in a suit? He will ask you if you have any trouble handling it." You will say: 'I don't think so' and proceed to drive it over to the airport shipping area, grinding the gears. Find your big gray crate: the airport handlers will load it on your truck and put the side fences back on. You will drive through heavy Huntsville traffic, all by yourself, to one of the largest and one of the most classified military facilities on the planet. the Redstone Arsenal. You will turn the highway onto the entrance road leading to the base entry gates. Do not slow down because the gates will open, and you will drive right through, past four military guards carrying automatic rifles. They will not challenge you to stop. You won't even be challenged to have a large, unmarked gray crate that could hold an A-Bomb to blow up the entire base. After driving through very heavy base traffic, stopping and starting at the stop signs, passing Army tank convoys security vehicles, and with everyone looking at you, no one will be pointing rifles at your head, demanding that you halt. Getting into von Braun's tower will not be trouble either. But finding it will be something else. Trees cover everything. You will not be able to see the tower. Don't worry, and you will be amused as you drive out into a clearing. Von Braun's white tower will be right in front of you. Continue driving partway around the circular drive, around the American flag that has a translucent swastika in it. You pull right up and stop in front of the steps of the twelve-story building. That's von Braun's tower.

Four security guards will sack their rifles, leave their posts and roll a large dolly out to your truck. The way they will march out, you will think that they are going to salute you, but they will remove the side truck fences, lift the crate off the truck and onto a dolly and carry it up the steps, into the lobby, past the security requirements sign-in-desk, and right into the wide-open elevator doors to the top floor. The doors will open into a very large hall. Roll the dolly right past von Braun's secretary. She will be on the left, and Dr. Kirk Debus' secretary will be right. You will come into an enormous conference room that separates their offices from the two most important space people on the planet. The soldiers will open up the crate and delicately remove the model covered with blue cloth. While they hold the model, the two secretaries will take the other blue material into the conference room and spread it out in the center of the conference table. The soldiers will carry the heavy model over and lightly lay it down on the second cloth, almost as if it 'had been rehearsed' a dozen times. As they leave, nobody in the area will question anything!

"Dr. Debus will come out of his office with his arm extended. He will shake your hand, saying, I am Kirk Debus; It's nice that you could make it." Then, he will invite you into their conference room as Dr. von Braun prepares to enter the conference from his office.

"Now remember, almost no one at Douglas Santa Monica, or our Huntsville field office, will be aware of your unannounced meeting with the top NASA people. No one at Douglas Santa Monica will have any inkling that you are going to give a pitch to change the entire Apollo Moon Program."

Tompkins did everything as she said, and everything went smoothly. Tompkins said to Dr. Debus and von Braun that "some of us at Douglas believe that we will not get there using your plan, or lack of plan." Von Braun admitted that they had problems with the V-2, A-4, and A-9 and A-10 missiles when they check out horizontally and then don't fire vertically. Tompkins showed them a U.S. Air Force Strategic Air Command photograph, SAC Post. (the figure below is a sketch of his design)

Tompkins told them, "We are recommending that we build a command and control launch center with the same step-down theater concept for the Complex 39's launch center to replace your launch blockhouse, and also the NOVA launch center and the Houston Mission Control Center."

When Tompkins finished explaining his plan, Dr. Debus said, "This is going to be implemented on the Apollo Moon Program.!" Dr. Debus put his arm around Tompkins and said, "You are the prince of my what-if concepts." Tompkins and Dr. Debus spent 2 1/2 additional hours reviewing everything. Finally, Dr. Debus said: "I am putting you on my Launch Operations Committee, Complex 39 Facility Planning Committee, and Mission Planning Committee.

Dr. Debus was the real brains of NASA. The Moon launch was quite successful.

Marguerite dar Boggia formerly served as Membership Secretary for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She was past Secretary and Director of ISAR and Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She is a co-founder of UAC and its past Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. To that end, she offers free, online, three pages weekly of the Esoteric Teachings as was known by Pythagoras. It prepares us for discipleship. To receive these studies, she can be contacted at her website, which she created at the age of 90:

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