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The two poles are said to be the store-houses, the receptacles and liberators at the same time, of Cosmic and terrestrial Vitality (Electricity); from the surplus of which the Earth, had it not been for these two natural 'safety-valves,' would have been rent to pieces long ago.1

There is a very close and important connection between the sun-spot cycle and terrestrial magnetism; particularly at the Poles of the Earth. This connection is as important with respect to the North Pole as it is with respect to the South Pole, although there exists a very important difference between the two Poles, a difference of quality in their respective magnetisms.

To use the ancient metaphorical manner of speaking, there is indeed a 'Door of Horn,' as there is a 'Door of Ivory,' through which there enter and leave the Earth, not only celestial influences, but the souls of men and other beings. Mystical Greek and Roman writers said that through the 'Door of Horn' came and went one class of entities and influences, while through the 'Door of Ivory' came and went an opposite class of entities and influences. 2 One of these doors is the portal of ingress, or entry. This door is one of the Poles and in this case it is the North Pole; and the other or South Pole of the Earth is the Earth's vent, or door of egress. All things that are great, good, lofty, high, elevating and spiritual, belong to or are connected with the Door of Horn at the North Pole. All things that are evil, foul, bad , degrading, impure and unclean, pertain to the vent of the Earth or the South Pole, the Gate of Ivory.

The approximate ten-twelve year sun-spot cycle is one which affects very intimately all the planets of the solar family, and therefore the Earth also. In each case this takes place through the two opposite poles of any such planet; for each one has its north pole and each one has its south pole. The magnetisms which reaches the Earth from the Sun -- physical magnetism, astral and mental likewise, enters the Earth through the North Pole. It then follows certain circulations within and about and around the Earth, and leaves the Earth at the other Pole. All these magnetic circulations pass around the equator of the Earth a certain number of times, whether the cyclical circulations be brief or of longer duration.

The Earth follows very closely the breathing of the Sun, because the entire solar system is an animate organism of which the planets are the organs. Dr. Ervin Laszlo, in "Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything" says: "the universe, with all things in it, is a quasi-living, and a coherent whole. All things in it are connected."3

It is true that the Earth has many smaller periodic circulations than the ten-twelve year sun-spot cycle, but these smaller ones pertain more particularly to the intimate family life of the Earth. There are shorter cycles, which the Earth has alone. There are cycles of one year, two, three, four, five, six, nine and ten years. There are even briefer cycles than these. The lunar cycle is one. All movements throughout boundless space are cyclical in character, whether they last for an infinitesimal fraction of a human second or whether they last as long as a planetary cycle which is 4,320,000,000. It is called a Day of Brahma. Everything is cyclic.4 The life of a fire-fly is as cyclic as is the life of a human being or the periodic revolution of the Earth or of any other planet around the Sun.

Terrestrial magnetism is intimately connected with the nature and characteristics of the aurorae of the Earth -- the northern aurora being commonly called the Aurora Borealis, and the southern aurora, the Aurora Australis.

These two aurorae are seen by observers apparently -- and indeed in fact -- to have some connection with the north and south poles of the Earth respectively, whether these 'poles' be the geographic poles or the magnetic. As a matter of fact, both poles at either end of the Earth are involved.

The aurorae, whether of the northern pole or of the southern pole, are manifestations of the psycho-magnetic vitality of the Earth and are most intimately connected mainly with the Sun, and particularly with the sun-spots, but likewise, yet in a somewhat less intimate relation, with the seven Sacred Planetary Chains of our solar system. (see image of 7 chains) To speak of the aurorae as psycho-magnetic phenomena is to speak with accuracy; but the reader must never imagine that the aurorae are merely 'electric and 'magnetic' displays in the manner commonly imagined by Occidental official science.

As a matter of fact, both aurorae are most intimately involved with the peregrinations of the numberless hosts of Monads 5 constantly entering and leaving our Globe-Earth, yet entering and leaving at certain stated periods in far greater masses -- as in rushes and as outrushes; and the auroral displays whether of the south or of the north, i.e., the psycho-magnetic and vital outbursts, usually come about during these periods of inrush and outrush.

It is of course obvious that the auroral phenomena, being so closely connected with the vitality of the Earth, and the mysterious functions of this terrestrial vitality are, at one and the same time, the northern after one manner, and the southern after another manner, connected with some of the most mysterious facts of the destiny not only of the Earth and of a human being, but indeed of all the families of Monads of Earth; and I might add that were it not for the relief given to the Earth by such auroral discharges and intakings, these discharges and intakings being psycho-electric-magnetic effluxes and influxes, our Mother-Globe would suffer catastrophes of the most appalling kind. Like earthquakes, however disastrous these last at times may be, the auroral discharges in one of their functions in nature, dissipate what would otherwise become an over-accumulation of magnetic and electric energy within the Earth; and thus they save it from catastrophes so terrible, not only physical but likewise psychical and astral, that research in all recorded history could find no parallel to what would occur if such dissipation of energy did not take place.

The currents of magnetism and of vitality manifest not only at the Poles, but likewise at the four Cardinal Points: North, South, East and West. The Hindu mythology speaks of them as the four Maharajas, or 'great kings,' and these are represented not only in our own physical world but also in the entire solar system.6


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Two gates there are of sleep, of which the one is of horn, whence easy exit is given to the true shades, but the other shining in white ivory; thence the Manes send deceiving dreams skywards.

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5 A Monad is a divine-spiritual life-atom, a consciousness-center, but indivisible, because its essential characteristic, as we humans conceive it, is homogeneity; while that of the physical atom is divisible. It is a composite heterogeneous particle.

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University Press, 1972, pp. 108-109)

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