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Esoteric Astrology 51

Pages 511-5141


We now come to a consideration of the centers as they are related to the planets, viewing these planets as expressions of and transmitters of ray influences. I am only dealing with the interplay between the planets and the centers where man is concerned because that interplay is dependent upon: -- 1. The point in evolution. 2. Whether the focus of the life is:

a. Below the diaphragm

b. Above the diaphragm

c. In the process of transference from the lower to the higher.

Also, The rays of the personality and the soul. And the condition of the centers and whether they are awakened, awakening or as yet undisturbed. Another complication lies in the fact that though there are 7 major centers, there are 12 planets which, in time and space, condition the centers. It is the centers of initiates which are ruled ONLY by the 7 sacred planets. Among average men, some of the sacred planets dominate and some of the non-sacred. In undeveloped man the five non sacred planets control, with the head and heart centers under the rule of the two sacred planets, which planets being determined by the rays of the soul and of the personality. As the ray type does not emerge until there is some measure of advanced development, the theme is complicated still further. Dogmatic assertions are not possible until the astrologer is sure of the two major rays of the subject.

1. All centers are governed by one or other of the rays.

2. The rays use the planets as transmitting agencies and we know which rays—in this world cycle—are related to the different planets.

3. Ordinary humanity is ruled by the exoteric planets, advanced humanity, disciples and initiates by the esoteric planets.

4. The Sun sign…with the exoteric planetary rulers, indicates SOUL PURPOSE and points the way to the future, offering opportunity.

5. The horoscope, built around the Sun sign, is adequate for ordinary humanity. The exoteric planets rule and the man lives within the limitations of the twelve houses.

6. The horoscope built up around the rising sign, with the esoteric planets ruling will convey the destiny of the disciple. The disciple will later be responding to the influences of the twelve arms of the three CROSSES as they pour their influences through the esoteric planetary rulers via the 12 houses.

7. The Sun sign governed by the ruling esoteric planets and the rising sign governed also by the esoteric planets, can both be used in casting the horoscope of the initiate; when superimposed upon each other, the outer life of the initiate in the three worlds and the inner life of subjective realization will appear. This mode of SUPER-IMPOSITION will be a FEATURE OF THE NEW ASTROLOGY.

8. When the Sun sign, with the exoteric rulers is worked out in a chart, the rising sign with the esoteric ruler is also worked out and the two are superimposed upon each other, the problem of the disciple in any one incarnation will appear.

As you know the Science of Occultism is the SICIENCE OF ENERGIES and of the forces upon which they make their impact. This, when concerning man, and the center within the human vehicle leads to the SCIENCE OF LAYA YOGA OR OF THE force centers. These again come under the influence of certain planetary rulers. These relate them in turn to certain great Triangles of Force, formed of the three major conditioning constellations.

Pages 517-525

The Centers are governed by the following rays:


1. Head Center first ray Pluto

2. Ajna center Fifth ray Venus

3. Throat Center third ray Earth

4. Heart center second ray Sun

5. Solar plexus Center sixth ray Mars

6. Sacral Center Seventh ray Uranus

7. Base of Spine first ray Pluto


1. Head Center first ray Vulcan

2. Ajna center fifth ray Venus

3. Throat Center third ray Saturn

4. Heart Center second ray Jupiter

5. Solar plexus Center sixth ray Neptune

6. Sacral Center seventh ray Uranus

7. Base of Spine first ray Pluto

To these rays must be added the 4th ray which governs humanity itself as a center in the body of the planetary Logos.


Our Earth, being a non-sacred planet, is in the process of becoming a sacred planet. This means an interim of upheaval, chaos and of difficulty. This transference out of the lower states of consciousness, expressed through the lower centers, into a higher sate, can and will take place in this world period and in this century IF HUMANITY SO WILLS IT, IF THE FORCES OF LIGHT eventually triumph and if the new world order comes into being. This it will do if the lessons of war are learnt and right action follows as a result. Three factors must also be borne in mind:

a. The whole problem is vaster than anything the human consciousness can grasp, because it concerns the life experience and a point of crisis in the life of the planetary Logos.

b. He, the Lord of the World, is releasing new energies into the form aspect, i.e., into the life and the lives of the various kingdoms in nature.

What is truly taking place in the world today is the transference of the energy of the planetary solar plexus to the planetary heart center. The forces of cupidity, aggression, glamour and greed will be transmuted in the present furnace of fiery agony and will be raised into the heart center. There they will be changed into the power of sacrifice, of inclusive surrender, and into cooperation. This is an aspect of the principle of SHARING.

As this is the fifth root-race there are today in the body of Him in Whom we live and move and have our being, five focal points of spiritual energy. These five are:

1. Geneva…The European continent.

2. London…The British Commonwealth of Nations.

3. New York…The American continent.

4. Darjeeling…Central and Western Asia.

5. Tokyo…For the Far East.

These five centers are being deliberately stimulated. The energy which flows from them is affecting the world, holding great hope for the future but producing disastrous effects where the material side of human life is concerned. There are two centers in the planetary Life which are as yet relatively quiescent. To them I assign no other focal point beyond hinting that within the continent of Africa one will someday be found and many millions of years ahead another will be discovered in the region of Australia.

The force expressing though Geneva is that of the 2nd Ray of Love-present it is ineffectual, though later a change will come. The force centered in London is that of the first Ray of Will or Power in its building aspect and not in its destroying aspect. It is the service of the whole which is being attempted and the effort is to express the LAW OF SYNTHESIS, which is the new emphasis, pouring through from Shamballa. The force expressing itself through New York City is the force of the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism. Hence the conflicts everywhere to be found between the varying ideologies and the major conflict between those who stand for the great ideal of world unity brought about by a united effort of the Forces of Light backed by the democratic nations and the separative materialistic attitude of those who seek to keep the United States from assuming her responsibilities. The forces pouring through Darjeeling is that of the first Ray of Will or Power.

The egoic ray of India is the first ray and hence the immediate effect of the inpouring Shamballa force is to stimulate the will-to-power of all dictators, whether they are the would-be world dictator, ecclesiastical dictators in any religion, business dictators, in any business group in any part of the world (i.e. multinational, world central banks, etc. mdb) or those minor dictators, the tyrant in the home.

The consciousness aspect of the British people is steadily shifting into an expression of their second ray soul and hence their seizing upon the opportunity to serve humanity at immense cost. The same thing is happening to the American people. The forces flowing through Tokyo are those of the first Ray in its lower materialistic aspect. Japan is governed by the soul ray in the consciousness of its leaders. Its sixth ray personality is responding to the call of the first ray energy.

A disciple can misuse energy or employ it for soul ends. So, it is with nations and races.

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