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By Marguerite dar Boggia

David Wilcock wrote "The Ascension Mysteries"1. In that book, he mentions that Maurice Chatelain had been the director of communications for the Apollo Moon missions. Chatelain's job was to design and implement the radio-wave systems that allowed Mission Control to contact the Apollo astronauts.

Chatelain, in his book "Our Ancestors, Came from Outer Space, "2 said:

"When the Apollo project started, there was no communication equipment powerful enough or sensitive enough to make voice transmission possible from Earth to the moon, not to mention, the transmission of television pictures over that distance. Such things had to be invented, perfected, and built. All these stations had to contact each other, and all of them had to report to the Apollo Space flight Center in Houston, Texas. I will never understand how I was put in charge of all this within a few months after starting my new job in North American, but that is of no importance now. The only thing that counts is that everything functioned much better than we thought it would initially, or even better than we expected. I think that it must have happened because of some divine influence, not by human intelligence alone. Since that time, I firmly believe in benevolent divine intervention in human affairs."3

What grabbed Wilcock the most was something Chatelain called the "Constant of Nineveh."

Chatelain explained that when Sumerian clay cylinders were found in the library of King Assurbanipal in Nineveh, in what is now Iraq, not all of the cuneiform writings they found were words and sentences. Instead, entire cylinders were found that contained nothing but enormous numbers.

Chatelain knew that to have a successful space mission, you had to make very accurate calculations--and the only way to do it was by counting time in seconds. He had routinely juggled huge numbers for NASA and started analyzing the discarded Sumerian data. His attention was drawn to the number 195,955,200,000,000. This is approximately 6.2 million years in seconds. Chatelain discovered that you could produce this massive number by multiplying 70 by 60, taking the product and multiplying it by 60 again, and cycling this process a total of seven times. This reads as (70x60)7, or seventy times sixty to the seventh power. Chatelain soon realized that with this one number, he could calculate the exact time it took any planet, Comet, or celestial object in the solar system to make one full cycle around the Sun. Each object in our solar system would orbit our Sun in an exact number of processes that would fit perfectly into this number---like twelve eggs in an egg carton.

Chatelain included a table in the book that had the exact number of cycles it took for every planet's orbit to fit into the Nineveh Constant, along with many planetary conjunctions and a variety of other celestial measurements. For example, Halley's Comet makes exactly 81,000 cycles around the Sun during this 6.2 million-year length of time, and Pluto makes 24,998 cycles--which is only two Pluto years away from a perfect 25,000. Chatelain believed that since our data on Pluto was so spotty, further analysis would prove it fit into the Nineveh Constant with exactly 25,000 cycles. The fact that this massive, 6.2 million-year cycle integrated all the motions in our solar system, down to four decimal points of accuracy, completely blew me away.

Chatelain spoke about a 26,000-year cycle called the precession of the equinoxes......He indicated that many ancient cultures seemed to be obsessed with this number. I would soon find a wealth of evidence suggesting that a massive energetic event occurs at the end of each 26,000-year cycle. Multiple ancient teachings tell us that the Sun will release some visible light that is very different than usual once we reach this point. Multiple sources have also confirmed that this event is not set to occur on any fixed date but occurs in response to a mass shift in consciousness on Earth. This epic solar and energetic flash may well produce ascension for those ready for it, and thirty-five different ancient cultures had the science of this cycle hidden in their mythologies.

Chatelain found that this magical 26,000-year cycle also fit perfectly into the Constant of Nineveh: "When I divided the Nineveh number by the cycle of the precession of the equinoxes...I had the greatest surprise of my life! The sacred number of Nineveh divided exactly into 240 Big Years of 9.450 million days each."

Ascension is built into the clockwork of the universe itself and will propel us into the next level of evolution like a massive bell ringing on the hour. And somehow, the supposedly primitive Sumerians had already discovered this truth.4

The Zoroastrian scriptures mirror many other sources in saying this event will be very positive. Their word for this solar event is Frasokereti, which translates as "making wonderful."5 In the Zoroastrian tradition, this event will be helped along by a messianic figure called the Saoshyant, who arrives with a variety of angelic beings that defeat the negative forces on Earth.6

The esoteric teachings also confirm this event. They state that the messianic figure, known as the World Teacher, whose personal name is the Lord Maitreya, will be allowed by the Powers that be, called by Wilcock as the "Cabal," to be seen worldwide on TV, at which time He will overshadow all of humanity. The Devas (angels) He brings with Him will teach us how to take food from the ether and heal.6a We are destined to enter the Golden Age.7

The Hindu scriptures have a similar story involving the arrival of Kalki the Destroyer, who has supernatural powers and vanquishes all evil after the great Samavartaka fire erupts at the end of an age.8 The Mahabharata describes the Samavartaka fire as being rainbow-colored in appearance.

Modern spiritual teachers such as the Bulgarian mystic Peter Deunov (1864-1944) presented similar sounding messages. According to Deunov, "The Fire of which I speak, that accompanies the new conditions offered to our planet, will rejuvenate, purify, reconstruct everything; the matter will be refined, your hearts will be liberated from anguish, troubles, incertitude, and they will become luminous; everything will be improved, elevated; the thoughts, sentiments and negative acts will be consumed and destroyed."9

When will all this occur? According to Wilcock, in 2014, Sun, Moon, and Jupiter were in the same sign of Cancer. But to my calculations, I find that date to be July 12, 2037, at 9:00 PM.10 We can hope it will be sooner. For pictures of the Lord Maitreya, see my website www.FreePythagorasTeachings under "Masters." If you want a scenario of our future in the next one hundred years, see my article Life in the Golden Age in the Gemini Decanate of the Age of Aquarius, on my website under Articles.

Marguerite dar Boggia is the former Membership Secretary and Director for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She is the former Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She is a co-founder of UAC and its past Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. To that end, she offers FREE, online, three pages weekly of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings known by Pythagoras. Some of these teachings were read by Albert Einstein. To receive these studies, she can be contacted through her website, which she created at 90. These teachings prepare us for discipleship.

Our Cosmic Ancestors is a dynamic work unraveling the messages of these "universal astronauts" and decoding the symbols and visual mathematics they have left for us in the Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge, the Mayan calendar, the Maltese Cross and the Sumerian zodiac.

The book is captivating reading from beginning to end. However Mr. Chatelain's purpose in sharing these exciting discoveries lies in the hope that all humans will extend their horizons, to release fear of the unknown just enough that another generation will exhibit growing curiosity to continue the search for signs of purposeful nurturing of this planet. To Buy Go here


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