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THE EGG-BORN HUMAN RACE (mindless, giants, sweat-born, etc.)

The Ageless Wisdom Teachings as contained in the Secret Doctrine 1 is that there were a variety of modes of procreation before humanity fell into the ordinary method of generation, including mindless beings, monsters,  giants, a-sexual, boneless "sweat-born" hermaphrodites, "egg-born" etc.

A human being's organism was adapted in every race to its surroundings There are seven major races, called Root Races. They are divided into seven sub-races. The earth and the first Root Race were as ETHEREAL as ours is material. They were enormous giants. It was the seven Creators, the Self-Existent, who evolved the seven primordial races. All this took place aeons of years before the evolution of our Third Race, called the Lemurian Race, which itself took place 18 million years ago. 2

At the commencement of every great cycle the earth is reborn.  As the human Monad 3 (Jiva or Divine Self), when passing into a new womb, gets re-covered with a new body, so does the Monad of the Earth; it gets a more perfect and solid covering with each great cycle. This process is attended by the throes of the new birth or geological convulsions and cataclysms.

Nature unaided tried to create man and it was a complete failure. Giant monsters were created. Nature produced the lower animal kingdom but when it comes to man, spiritual, independent and intelligent powers are required for his creation.4

The bodies that were created for the first race were created by the Progenitors known as 'lunar Pitris'.  They used the substance of their own ethereal bodies to create. They gave what they had. An ethereal body is not influenced by heat or cold. They could not give 'mind' and the desire element (emotions), because they did NOT have it.   To complete the septenary man, to add to his three lower principles and cement them with the Spiritual Monad--which could never dwell in such a form otherwise than in an absolutely latent state--two connecting principles are needed: Mind called 'Manas' and emotions called 'Kama'.  Those who could give it to them did not, because most of them were destined to incarnate as the souls called 'egos' of the forthcoming crop of Mankind. The human Ego or soul is higher Mind, called 'Manas'. It is Manas that is the reincarnating Soul. Hence, as the higher Pitris (Solar Angels) had no hand in his physical creation, we find primeval man, issued from the bodies of his spiritually FIRELESS Progenitors, described as aeriform, devoid of compactness, and MINDLESS. Man had no middle Principle to serve him as a medium between the highest and the lowest: the Spiritual Man, and the physical brain, for he lacked Mind. 5

From the First race emanated the Second, called the "Sweat-born" and the "Boneless." How could these beings reproduce themselves; procreate the 2nd race, since they were ethereal, a-sexual and even devoid, as yet, of the vehicle of the desire or emotional element, which evolved only in the 3rd race? They evolved the 2nd Race unconsciously, as do some plants. Or, perhaps as the Amoeba, only on a larger scale. Consider the first stages of the development of a germ-cell. Its nucleus grows, changes and forms a double cone or spindle: within the cell. This spindle approaches the surface of the cell, and one half of it is extruded in the form of what are called the "polar cells." These polar cells now die, and the embryo develops from the growth and segmentation of the remaining part of the nucleus which is nourished by the substance of the cell. When the season of reproduction arrives, the sub-astral  "extrudes" a miniature of itself from the egg of surrounding aura.  This germ grows and feeds on the aura till it becomes fully developed, when it gradually separates from its parent, carrying with it its own sphere of aura.  The process of reproduction had seven stages also in each race, each covering aeons of time.  The early 2nd root race were the fathers of the sweat born; the later 2nd root race were sweat born themselves.7

Some of the second race were composed of the most heterogeneous gigantic semi-human monsters--the first attempts of material nature at building human races.  The second race perished in this first great throe of the evolution and consolidation of the globe during the human period.8


In the Second Race, some of these Higher Beings only breathed of their essence into men. Some took in man their abode. The remainder had Mind simply quickened by the spark thrown into it, which accounts for the great difference between the intellectual capacities of human beings and races.9

Those who issued from the second race became oviparous. The emanations that came out of their bodies during the seasons of procreation were OVULARY. The small spheroidal nuclei developing into a large soft, egg-like vehicle, gradually hardened, when, after a period of gestation, it broke and the young human issued from it unaided, as the fowls do in our race. This must seem ludicrously absurd. Nevertheless, it is strictly on the lines of evolutionary analogy, which science perceives in the development of the living animal species.

First there is FISSION: as seen in the division of the homogeneous speck of protoplasm, known as Moneron or Amoeba, into two. Then as seen in the division of the nucleated cell, in which the cell-nucleus splits into two sub-nuclei, which either develop within the original cell-wall or burst it and multiply outside as independent entities.  


The next stage is BUDDING: A small portion of the parent structure swells out at the surface and finally parts company, growing to the size of the original organism; e.g. many vegetables, etc.


The next stage is SPORES: A single cell thrown off by the parent organism, which develops into a multicellular organism reproducing the features of the latter, e.g. bacteria.

The Fourth stage is INTERMEDIATE HERMAPHRODITISM: Male and female organs inhering in the same individual: e.g., the majority of plants, worms, and snails, etc.; allied to budding.  This was during the second and early Third Root-Races.      True sexual union occurred later in the Third Root-Race.

By reason of karmic effects the "Sons of Wisdom" were reborn in those who were "ready" and became the Sages of humanity. They taught men the sciences and the laws of the universe. Their "Egos" or Manas had to pass through earthly human experiences to become all-wise.10

The great artist, Leonardo da Vinci, made a painting called "Leda and the Swan" wherein human beings hatch from four eggs. The painting was burned by the devotees of the Domincan friar and puritan fanatic Girolamo Savanarola. Copies of the painting were made by other artists. Leonardo most probably was knowledgeable regarding the ancient wisdom teachings.

The third race became the vehicle of the Lords of Wisdom, (demi-gods). They created by means of KRIYASAKTI, that mysterious and divine power latent in the will of every man, and which, if not called to life, and developed by Yogi-training, remains dormant in 999,999 men out of a million, and becomes  atrophied. The Third Race created the spiritual, holy Forefathers in a truly immaculate way.

Creation is but the result of the will acting on phenomenal matter, the calling forth out of it the primordial divine Light and eternal Life.  They were the "holy seed-grain" of the future Saviors of Humanity. 11

Because the demi-gods had spurned the early third race and only endowed with wisdom the later third race, there were those who had NO spark of mind. They took huge she-animals unto them. They begat upon them dumb races. They bred monsters, going on all fours. This was the forefathers of the apes. Man did not come from the ape, but produced it when he was mindless and soulless. Seeing the sin committed with the animals, the Demi-gods, who had refused to create, wept, saying that "this is Karma". Then, all became endowed with "Mind".12

When the 3rd and 4th races became tall with PRIDE, believing they are kings and gods, they took wives  fair to look at from the "mindless."  They bred monsters, wicked demons, male and female.  They built temples for the human body. Then the third eye acted no longer. Such were the first truly physical 'men': the Third Race and the gigantic Atlanteans, the memory of whom lingered from one generation and race to another.13

The Fourth Race developed speech. The ethereal first race was, in our sense, speechless, as it was devoid of mind on our plane. The second race had a "sound-language," to wit: chant-like sounds composed of vowels alone. The third race developed in the beginning a kind of language which was only a slight improvement on the various sounds in nature, on the cry of gigantic insects and of the first animals, which, however, were hardly nascent in the day of the "Sweat-born" (the early third race). In its second half, the "Sweat-born" gave birth to the "egg-born" (the middle third race). These, instead of "hatching out" as androgynous beings, began to evolve into separate males and females. When the same law of evolution led them to reproduce their kind sexually, an act which forced the creative Gods, compelled by Karmic law, to incarnate in mindless men, then only was speech developed. This did not prevent the last two sub-races of the third race from building cities, and sowing the first seeds of civilization under the guidance of their Divine Instructors, and their own already awakened minds.14

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Secretary and Membership Chairperson of ISAR (the International Society for Astrological Research).  She formerly served as publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR Journal  and as Secretary and Director of ISAR and UAC, (the United Astrology Congress).   She was a co-founder of UAC. Her articles are published in the ISAR journal and in other publications. At this time she offers FREE of charge three pages weekly online of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings as was known by Pythagoras.


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