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Marguerite dar Boggia

David Wilcock, who wrote The Ascension Mysteries[1], should be knighted and blessed for his work to enlighten humankind on the workings of the forces of light and negativity. Wilcock receives most of his information from NASA and other government whistleblowers, which he placed in this book.

Daniel was his first significant insider to enlighten him. Daniel won a science fair in high school by designing a computer with its operating system in the 1970s. He was recruited by the government, who paid for his college, providing he agreed to work for military intelligence.

Daniel claimed to have worked on a project code-named Phoenix III from 1981 to 1983.

He said that the book The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon was reasonably accurate.

In this program, a seat from a crashed and recovered ET (extraterrestrial) craft was hooked up to a massive power supply at a military base at Montauk Point, Long Island. The seat amplified the consciousness of the person sitting in it. A series of twenty-two sine-wave graphs showed the activity of the person's mind. Once the person quieted their mind, the graphs would remain still. Then the technicians would zero out the graphs, turning knobs to make them all flat lines. This tuned the chair to the individual.

A properly tuned chair allowed the operator's thoughts to create physical manifestations. Any object the operator thought of, such as a wooden chair, could be made to materialize in the room physically. The object would remain solid for some time before gradually fading away.

The operator could also telepathically influence the minds of others, even on a mass scale. This technology appears to have been leaked into fiction in the X-men movie series. A chair called "Cerebro" appears in a large, spherical room. It vastly enhances the psychic abilities of whoever is using it.

The chair operator could think about a particular place in space and time. A portal would open up that would allow travel to that location. In a UFO, the pilot merely thinks about where they want to go, and a portal opens up to take them there. The insiders involved in the Phoenix III project began sending people through these portals, and many lives were lost before they figured out how to ensure their safe return.

They soon realized that these portals could take people through time as well as space. This led to all sorts of research with unanticipated consequences. One man was crazy enough to go back in time and kill his father, whom he truly despised. Everyone was shocked when he returned from this trip, having successfully murdered his father, and he was still alive. However, about two days later, the man was struck by a car as a pedestrian and killed instantly. Several repetitions of similar experiments caused the military defense contractors working in these classified programs to create a theory of "layered time."

They concluded that if you go back into the past and change an event, you create a new timeline or a new layer that sits on top of the layer that is already there. Both layers can coexist. The layer of our future snaps into is the layer that has more energy associated with it. A new layer creates too many paradoxes in our existing "main" timeline, and natural events will occur and heal those problems. The layers always find a way of merging. This caused the insiders to conclude that TIME ITSELF IS ALIVE AND CONSCIOUS and has its healing mechanisms. Once the man had killed his father, his death helped merge the layers and solve the paradox.

The ET chair produced a series of more than four hundred different waves through a huge set of fiber-optic cables. Each wave was graphed and analyzed separately. Daniel's main job was to analyze these graphs and determine how to generate the waves electronically, thus eliminating the need for a human operator -- but these efforts only met with limited success. One of the waves allowed them to pinpoint exactly where someone was in time. It was a regularly curving sine wave that counted out twenty-year intervals between each peak. Whenever they sent someone through the portal, the person would experience a dazzling "wormhole ride," as we have seen in various science-fiction movies.

When they sent people into our future, they would hit a bizarre energetic barrier at a certain point. This was called the "Full Out" because suddenly, their consciousness would become greatly expanded and depersonalized. They would feel as if they had merged with the galaxy and had access to omniscient intelligence. Time seemed to melt into infinity. Anything people say after this point appeared to be entirely subjective, based on their expectations and those of the person in the chair. Different people could view the same time and get different results. The moment this energetic "wall" would collide with our solar system was calculated to be some time in December 2012. The insiders were well aware that this corresponded precisely with the end date of the Mayan calendar, and this was a huge source of fascination to them.

It does appear that this energetic wave is a physical cloud our solar system is moving into. Once we hit the full power of this wave, Daniel's sources had concluded the Sun would release an energetic flash that activates a mass spiritual evolution in humanity. They used time-viewing devices to go and view this event, but all they could see was white light once they got there. Since the time this research was done in 1981-83, the "wall" has moved into our future. It appears that we were not ready for this to happen as a planet yet, and the event will be held off until a critical mass of people is ready for it. Much of this has to do with healing our trauma and becoming more loving, forgiving people -- just as the great religions have taught us. Since this is a dynamic, evolving process, any effort to produce a specific date is mere guesswork.

Daniel also revealed that the television show Stargate SG-I was chock-full of truthful information he had encountered at his job. There is indeed an ancient stargate network that allows travel from place to place through the "cosmic web," as it has been called. A series of plasma filaments connect each star to its neighbors, and these filaments also serve as traversable wormholes.

A very ancient and highly advanced extraterrestrial race that Daniel called "the Elders."

Had apparently built this stargate network. Other groups continually maintained it. Each planet with intelligent life is given its stargate. The network is intended to allow for peaceful exploration and communication with a wide variety of worlds, which is a natural part of the ascension process. You cannot bring any inorganic materials through, such as weapons. Travelers would have to wear drawstring pants, as even elastic waistbands would deconstruct. Your dental fillings would receive a bio imprint after being in your body for a period of time and would still make it through the portal on the other side.

There can be more than one gate on a given planet, but only one of these gates will actually take you to other worlds. The other gates can be used to transport you from one local area to another. In the case of our Earth, our main gate was apparently dug out of the desert in Egypt in 1927, exactly as documented in the Stargate SG-I television show. The government people who found it were so concerned about invaders coming through the gate that they buried it in the ice in Antarctica, where it still resides to this day. That way, anyone trying to come through the gate will be instantly frozen to death. The gate has an intelligent alarm system that would warn you if you were about to go into an environment that would kill you. This alarm can be ignored, but to travel in such an event is to die.

Daniel also said that our classified programs were able to mathematically analyze the gate network. Each inhabited world has a particular gate address, which is a series of seven groups of digits. You can travel very far distances, including to areas well outside our galaxy, through the use of these addresses. The local address for Mars is 605, and Earth is 606. Some of the higher three-digit numbers do not have planets assigned to them in our local area. Once the people on a given planet ascend, their number is reassigned to new planets. Our entire gate address after all these years, according to Daniel's testimony, is

A trip through the ancient network involves a vigorous cosmic "wormhole ride," which is exceptionally traumatic for people from our planet to experience. We do not yet have enough spiritual development and stability to handle the trip. Most people become highly unwell after doing it, and their mental health cannot recover from the shock. The wormhole experience created by the Montauk chair was easier to handle than the ancient stargate network, but that too could still create problems for people.

Looking Glass was allegedly a complex device that allowed the user to peer through time. This technology can track and monitor any individual anywhere, for any length of time. Daniel said that a sphere of white light appears in the area you are viewing.

Daniel said this sphere of light was called an OBIT, or outer Band Individuated Teletracer. It may or may not be visible, depending on various factors, including the consciousness of the people in the area. He said the outer band was a part of Earth's hidden energetic field that the insiders had identified.

Daniel revealed that a great deal of information was being released through fiction. That way, if anyone ever tried to come forward, they could be accused of borrowing ideas from a movie, book, or television program.

I interviewed Daniel extensively, over many hours. I was constantly looking for holes in his testimony and could find none.2

There is so much information in this book that is unknown to the public. It is a joy to read.

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Marguerite dar Boggia is the former Membership Secretary and Director for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She is the former Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She is a co-founder of UAC and its former Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. To that end, she offers FREE, online, three pages weekly of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings of the Trans-Himalayan Center. It later includes esoteric astrology and information from the book: "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" on Albert Einstein's desk. To receive these teachings, contact her website:, which she created at the age of 90.


[1]Wilcock, David, The Ascension Mysteries, Dutton EST. 1852 and Dutton are registered trademarks of Penguin Random House LIC, 2016


Marguerite dar Boggia

∆ ∆ ∆

Marguerite dar Boggia is the former Secretary, Membership Secretary, and Director for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She is the former Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She is a co-founder of UAC and its past Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. To that end, she offers FREE, online, three pages weekly of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as was known by Pythagoras. These teachings include information that Albert Einstein received. To receive these studies, she can be contacted through her website, which website, she created at the age of 90. These teachings prepare us for discipleship.


1Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon, The Montauk Project Experiments in Time Sky Books, N.Y. 1992

2Ibid pp. 79-86

3Ibid, pp. 91-94

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