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The good news is that humanity is responding to the energies of the Cosmos through the constellations and especially through the planets, Uranus and Pluto.  Humanity yearns for justice, freedom, integrity and Truth. People are demonstrating all over the world for change to these values.

We are told that humanity is the disciple, who must endure tests and trials in order to reach the mountain top of mastership. The shackles of arrogance, selfishness, self-interest, self-importance, sense of superiority and pride are the burdens that weigh it down on its climb to the temporary high plateau of goodwill and freedom.

Even though some unwise leaders incite discord, each generation rejects the bigotry of race, religion and creed. They perceive the corruption of its leaders and the NO CHOICE of candidates. They are weary of wars, new deadly particle beam missiles, drones and violence. War may be good for the military-industrial complex, but it devastates not only the health and possible destruction of the planet, but the health of humanity.  Hatred is an energy. It creates a miasma on the invisible etheric dimensions, which affect the immune system.  The madness of desire for Global Domination for One World in order to control humanity, will defeat its own pursuits. The Laws of the Cosmos cannot be dismissed or prevented. Henry Kissinger said whoever controls the media controls the people. Whoever controls the money, controls the world.1 This is destined to change!

David Wilcock in his book: The Source Field Investigations writes that ancient legends have forecasted problems in government and society including wars, famines, corruption and changes in the earth, but after a messianic figure appears, the forces of materialism are defeated and "the Krita (Golden) Age will begin again. And the stars and stellar conjunctions will become auspicious. And the planets, duly revolving in their orbits, will become exceedingly propitious. And all around, there will be prosperity and abundance and health and peace." Hindu and Zoroastrian sages have forecasted a Golden Age for humanity. 2 This is our destiny.

Today the messianic figure mentioned in these ancient scriptures, is now on earth working behind the scenes. He needs millions of people in every major city demonstrating on the streets for peace based on justice, goodwill and freedom. I believe this will happen within the next twenty or fifteen years, when the younger generation will demand change. Then the Cabal known as the Global Elite3 will acknowledge defeat. A new economic system will be put in place by the Masters, based on sharing the resources of the earth. The major banks and the Federal Reserve system will not be used. Each nation will give and will receive what it needs.  

Assisting the messianic figure, are our beneficent Brothers on other planets, called the E.T. to wit: the extra-terrestrials. They want more disclosure by the Cabal of their presence and of the space travel, time travel, teleportation, etc. now under the control of the Cabal. 4

An Avatar is a divine figure. Sai Baba had millions of devotees and was an Avatar.  Scientists from Harvard visited him in India.  They said: "If you are a divine being, create a rainbow and we will believe." Sai Baba smiled, bent his head for a minute and then said: "Look up!" There was a rainbow in the sky. This was demonstrated before 6,000 of his devotees.5

The mainstream media is silent on these news items.

While Sai Baba was born in a human body, the Lord Maitreya created his own body, called a mayavirupa. Bullets can do Him no harm.  The Lord Maitreya holds the position of the World Teacher.  He is a planetary Avatar.  The Buddha held that position until his illumination, when the present World Teacher, the Lord Maitreya took his place. The Occidentals call him the "Christ."6 If the Lord Maitreya is the  messianic Kalki figure and is now in the world, why have we not heard of him or seen him? The Cabal know of his presence, but do not wish to make known his presence. They control the mainstream media. They will do so at the right time, when the demand for his presence is great. The only picture we have of Maitreya is when he suddenly appear ed  in  Nairobi, Kenya in June 1988, at a healing gathering of six thousand people. The  editor of the newspaper was present and took this picture. There were many healings and the people recognized him as the Christ. More of his pictures can be found on my website under "Masters". He can appear as a female, a child, an old man or whatever he wishes, since he is an AVATAR.  Only the Buddhists knew his personal name which is Maitreya.6a

David Wilcock, who is informed by NASA whistle-blowers and by government contractors, wrote The Ascension Mysteries.  In that book Wilcock states that our solar system will be entering a high energy cloud that "is expected to trigger a dramatic evolutionary event on Earth, including an epic solar energy release of some kind."7 

This will probably coincide with the start of the Golden Age, when the Lord Maitreya overshadows all of  humanity and he brings with Him, not only some of the Great Ones and the Masters, but some of the Devas (called Angels by the church) who stand to the deva evolution as the Masters to the human evolution. All of the Masters and their disciples will again live with us on earth, as they did millions of years ago.8

We cannot imagine how their great Love, will change the vibrations and the aura of humanity. It will be the foretold kingdom of heaven on earth.

The ascended Tibetan Master, Djwhal Kuhl,  wrote through Alice A. Bailey using mental telepathy. In their book Esoteric Psychology I, he wrote that "human evolution is but one of many. This is a period of crisis among the devas likewise.  (the Church calls 'devas' Angels). The call has gone forth for them to approach humanity and with their heightened vibration and superior knowledge, unite their forces with those of humanity for the progression of the two evolutions.  They have much to impart about color and sound and their effect upon the etheric bodies of man and animals.  When that which they have to give is apprehended by the race, physical ills will be nullified and attention will be centered upon the infirmities of the astral or emotional body. 

They will instruct in the effect of color in the healing of disease, especially the effect of the violet light in the lessening of human ills and in the cure of those physical plane sicknesses which have their origin in the etheric, (invisible subtle) body.  They will teach men to see etherically, by heightening human vibration by action of their own.  They will also teach the sounding of the tones that correspond to the gradations of violet and through that sounding enable man to utilize the ethers, as he now utilizes physical plane matter for his various needs.  They will enable human beings so to control the ethers that weight will be for them transmuted, and motion will be intensified, becoming more rapid, more gliding, noiseless and therefore less tiring.  In the human control of the etheric levels lie the lessening of fatigue, rapidity of transit and the ability to transcend time.  They will also teach men how rightly to nourish the body and to draw from the surrounding ethers the requisite food.  Man will in the future concentrate more on the sound condition of the etheric body and the functioning of the dense physical body will become practically automatic.   They will enable human beings as a race, and not as individuals, to expand their consciousness so that it will embrace the superphysical.  In the accomplishment of this the WEB that divides the physical plane from the astral or emotional plane will be discovered by scientists and its purpose will eventually be acknowledged.  With that discovery will come the power to penetrate the web and so link up consciously with the astral body. Another material unification will have been accomplished." 8


The development of free energy will enable man to utilize electrical energy for the regulation of his everyday life in a way as yet incomprehensible. It will produce new methods of illuminating and heating the world at a small cost. Intuition will be developed by means of the knowledge of sound vibration, and the higher mathematics. Music, as a means to be employed in the building and destroying, will be recognized, and the laws of levitation and of rhythmic movement in all forms, from an atom to a solar system, will be studied. The healing of the etheric body will be by force utilization and solar radiation.  Healing will fall practically into two departments: Vitalization by means of electricity and solar and planetary radiation and curative process through occult knowledge of the force centers and the work of the devas of the fourth ether.

Transportation will be through the air of large bodies, by means of instantaneous use of the energy inherent in the ether itself.  The immediate effect of this greater etheric energy will be that a numerically larger number of people will possess etheric vision and will be able normally to live consciously on etheric levels. The laws of fire will be gradually permitted exoteric publication. There are twenty-seven occult laws. In them are summed up the basic laws of color, of music and of rhythm. When music produces warmth and when pictures glow or reveal he subjective within the objective, then will this civilization be coming to fruition.9

Life on our planet will be transformed into a glorious Shangri-La, where KINDNESS is the prominent creed of behavior. Our Elder Brothers, the Masters, urge us to be Joyful!


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