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The Ageless Wisdom Teachings as was known by Pythagoras and Plato posit that there will always be two forces at work in the Universe: Spirit and Matter.  Actually they are ONE energy. The only difference is in the rate of vibration and in its manifestation in the physical world. There will always be two forces at war with each other.

Spirit works through the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. They are the Masters and Guides of the Race. They are known as the Forces of Light. They work for the evolution of all lives; for unity and for the freedom of humanity.  

The Forces of Materialization work for separateness, for disunity, for domination and control of all countries and for the enslavement of humanity.  Mankind is given free will to choose which path he wishes to follow.

Without courageous whistle-blowers, we would be uninformed of the secret space program of the U.S. military industrial complex.  We have UFO's and underground bases all around the world. The bases even connect cities under the ocean. Each base holds a maximum of 65,000 people.1 One steps into an elevator that descends 14 levels and in 30 seconds one is on a base on another continent. 2 We have cloaking technology preventing spacecrafts, naval vessels or aircraft from being visible.3 We have official military relationships with the off-planet intelligences.4

David Wilcock is the courageous white knight in the shining armor of truth, whose destiny is to expose the plans of the few who wish to control the many. In his book, "The Ascension Mysteries", he refers to them as "The Cabal". They, with the military industrial complex are engaged in commerce with 900 different civilizations in selling extremely advanced technology. Trade and not money is not used in these deals. 4a

Space-based "Star Wars" weapons were deactivated in the 1980's almost as soon as they went up. Divine intervention is consistently preventing the Cabal from killing large numbers of people .5  The Cabal is doomed to fail.

Whistleblower Daniel said a very ancient and highly advanced extraterrestrial (E.T.) race which he called "the Elders" had apparently built the stargate network.6 The extensive analysis of the ancient stargate system led to the development of the IP address system that is used on the internet.7 Our main stargate was apparently dug out of the desert in Egypt in 1927, The government people who found it were so concerned about invaders coming through the gate, that they buried it in the ice in Antarctica, where it apparently still resides to this day.8


Daniel said project Looking Glass allowed the user to peer through time.9

Whistleblower Jacob said there are approximately five to six thousand intelligent civilizations within a thousand-light-year radius from our solar system. He claimed to have personally seen more than 400 different types of extraterrestrials at a total of about 200 different off-planet sites. 10

When Wilcock asked whistleblower Bruce how many people have any idea of what is going on in the space program, apart from individual compartments, Bruce said there are about 3,000. The number that actually manage the group at its core is 300. This group is known as "the Olympians," indicating that they see themselves as gods. They know one another. They direct the economic destiny of the continent and choose their successors from their area.  They were the hyper wealthy power structure controlling the real space program and the bases. They had UFO type crafts. They were continually coming and going from earth.11

The benevolent extraterrestrials (E.T;s) want the Cabal to release information on the UFO's and their contact with E.T's. The Cabal does not want to see human beings develop spiritually and especially to be able to levitate, disappear and appear.

To demonstrate their power, the E.T's destroyed two underground bases on the East Coast causing a 5.5 earthquake on September 16, 2011. After that the Cabal came to an agreement with the E.T's. More information would be released.

The most important thing that whistleblower Pete shared with Wilcock is the existence of an alliance that formed to end the UFO cover-up. The two most prominent movies that reveal the Alliance's agenda and prepare us for disclosure are "Iron Man 3" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." Wilcock says: "A surprising majority of the people in the Pentagon want the secrecy to end, particularly after 9/11 which is widely known to have been an inside job. The Cabal is still using lethal force to prevent the truth from being revealed."12

Vladimir Putin has been a key figure in the alliance working directly with positive elements in the Pentagon. 13

The military defense contractors are manufacturing products that will transform life on earth. We will transition into a star-trek age with spaceships, teleportation, time travel, anti-gravity, free energy, materializers and advanced healing technology.  The Cabal did not want to reveal this, until they had brought the planet to its knees. 14

Wilcock received death threats urging him to back off or else. There are rules in the universe that prevent you from being tortured or killed, as long as you maintain a positive perspective in your thoughts, emotions and actions. 15

Whistleblower Henry's data included information about the "high energy cloud"  our solar system was moving into. He confirmed that it was expected to trigger a dramatic evolutionary event on Earth, including an epic solar energy release of some kind. 16 

The Hindu and the Zoroastrian scriptures forecast a solar event which is helped along by a MESSIANIC figure, who arrives with a variety of angelic beings that defeat the negative forces on earth. This information coincides with the Ageless Wisdom Teachings which posit that there will be an externalization of the spiritual Hierarchy after "the Day of Declaration". It will be the dawn of the GOLDEN AGE which will last for a time. The forces of negativity will be defeated.

An order has been given by our Planetary Deity, that evolution must be speeded up. The three Force Centers known as chakras in the body of our Planetary Deity are called: Shamballa, the spiritual Hierarchy and humanity. Shamballa signifies the head chakra, the Hierarchy signifies the heart chakra and humanity signifies the throat chakra.

Some of the members of Shamballa work with the Lord of the solar System. So you can imagine the level of their divine consciousness.  Shamballa meets every 100 years to make decisions for the world and to implement the divine plan of our planetary Deity. At the next meeting in 2025, millions of people will take the first major initiation. It will result in an expansion of their consciousness, and a desire to aid humanity.                     

Whenever the Forces of Materialism are overpowering creating a crisis, the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, and the Masters, come to our rescue.

To counteract the Forces of Evil, the Head of the spiritual Hierarchy himself has come to aid mankind in this crisis. He is a Planetary Avatar. He  holds the Office of the World Teacher. The Buddha held that office, until his illumination, when his place was taken by the present World Teacher, whose personal name is the Lord Maitreya..17 He came 2,000 years ago by overshadowing the Master Jesus. Every religion is awaiting his reappearance as their Messiah. Today he created his own body called a mayavirupa. Bullets can do him no harm.

Here is what will happen:

At the right time when there is people power, there will be a 'Day of Declaration' when Maitreya will appear on the radio and television networks of the world linked by satellite. On that day Maitreya will MENTALLY OVERSHADOW the whole of humanity simultaneously. All, over the age of 14, will hear his words inwardly in their own language. This telepathic communication will reach everyone, not only those watching or listening and hundreds of thousands of miraculous healings will take place throughout the World.  On that day, there will be no doubt that Maitreya is the Christ of the Christians, the Messiah of the Jews, the Imam Mahdi of the Moslems, Maitreya Buddha, of the Buddhists, Kalki Avatar of the Hindus, Saoshyant of the Zoroastrians, and the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet holding the position of the World Teacher. Then, His open worldwide mission will have begun.18  He will bring with Him not only some of the Great Ones and the Masters, but some of the Devas (Angels) who stand to the deva evolution as the Masters to the human. They have much to impart about color and sound, and their effect upon the etheric bodies of men and animals.  Physical ills will be nullified. They will also teach men how rightly to nourish the body and to draw from the surrounding ethers the requisite food. 19

The Masters and their 49 Ashrams of Initiates and disciples will live with us on earth once again as they did over 100,000 years ago. It will be the Kingdom of God on earth.20 The blindingly brilliant Light radiating from their Soul will beneficently affect other planets. It may act as a magnet to attract greater divine solar energy. The evolution of humanity and all lives will be speeded up. Injustice, starvation and homelessness will be no more. They will install a new economic system based on sharing the resources of the earth. Free education and healthcare for all humanity will be everyone's right.  Brotherhood will be the goal of the new Age. This is the dramatic evolutionary event on Earth, coinciding with the high energy cloud into which our solar system is moving. 

Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, said that the Christ would return in 1998.21 In June, 1988, the Lord Maitreya suddenly appeared before 6000 people22 at a healing gathering in Nairobi, Kenya. He spoke in Swahili for 18 minutes and then disappeared. The editor of the newspaper was present and took pictures of Him. This is one of the pictures: He can change His appearance to a child, a woman, or whatever.

When can we expect the Golden Age?  When the wars cease and the people demand the end to global domination and the rigged economic system hoisted on us by the international bankers in 1913, under the Federal Reserve Act.  Astrologically it could be when the Sun, Moon and Jupiter are in the same mansion in the sign of Cancer. That would be July 12, 2037 at 9 PM.

            The Forces of Light  will always be victorious. 

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Secretary and Membership Chairperson of ISAR (the International Society for Astrological Research).  She formerly served as publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR Journal  and as Secretary and Director of ISAR and UAC, (the United Astrology Congress).   She was a co-founder of UAC. Her articles are published in the ISAR journal and in other publications. At this time she offers FREE of charge three pages weekly online of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings as was known by Pythagoras.


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