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by Marguerite dar Boggia

Thanks to David Wilcock's book The Ascension Mysteries1 we are being made aware of the immense new technologies of our Military Industrial Complex. On page 330 Wilcock writes: "Pete, (a whistleblower from NASA) validated almost everything that other insiders have told me about the space program, and added significant additional information. He revealed that a gigantic, Moon-sized sphere drifted into our solar system in the early 1980s, terrifying the Reagan administration. None of the ETs (extraterrestrials) they were in contact with, at places like Area 51, had anywhere near this level of technology. They called this sphere "the Seeker." It was predominantly white, but its surface had geometric lines much like a soccer ball. Huge portals would open on its sides, creating eight-hundred-mile-wide holes into an interior that was too dark to see very clearly. Ships would fly in and out of the portals and explore our planets and moons. The Seeker came into our solar system and began circling each of the planets, one by one. It eventually left when it got to Jupiter.

Although Pete has hundreds of amazing stories that I have been able to validate, there is nowhere near enough space in this book to document all of them. The most important thing he shared with me is the existence of an alliance that formed to end the UFO cover-up. The two most prominent movies that reveal the Alliance's agenda and prepare us for disclosure are Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A surprising majority of the people in the Pentagon want the secrecy to end, particularly after 9/11, which is widely known to have been an inside job. The Cabal is still using lethal force to prevent the truth from being revealed. As a result, the pro-disclosure elements of the Pentagon have quietly worked with foreign countries to create an international alliance. I have extensively covered the battle between the Cabal and the Alliance on my website, and the story is constantly shifting and evolving as time goes on. This is considered a "shadow World War III," and the Cabal is losing the war very rapidly At the time of this writing, major treaties are being signed and an official announcement is expected.

Most interestingly, we have learned that an extremely advanced extraterrestrial force is consistently preventing the Cabal from killing large numbers of people. This goes all the way back to the dawn of the nuclear age. Missiles and entire nuclear facilities have consistently been powered down by UFOs that appeared.2 The movie Thrive3, made by Foster Gamble and his wife, also documents this.

On October 23, 2010, a cigar-shaped UFO appeared over the largest nuclear missile installation in the U.S. The F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming, lost the ability to communicate with fifty of its Minuteman III missiles as this happened. This was the largest single failure of nuclear missiles in the entire history of the United States, compromising one-ninth of the entire arsenal, and it lasted for several hours. According to a PR Newswire article that was initially featured on Reuters, "The confidential Air Force sources also report that their squadron commander has warned witnesses not to talk to journalists or researchers about 'the things they may or may not have seen in the sky, and has threatened severe penalties for anyone violating security."4

According to Pete Peterson, sometime in the late 1980s or the very early 1990s, all the remaining missiles in both the US and the USSR were completely ruined. This was apparently the final straw that led to the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War.

Although the US still has missiles, they now contain advanced particle-beam systems exactly as we see in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, since any attempt to make nuclear weapons, is blocked. (According to the esoteric teachings, the nuclear energy disturbs the other planets, and the Spiritual Hierarchy forbids its use)

However, certain tragic events, such as the BP oil spill and the Fukushima disaster are still "authorized" by the advanced ETs who watch over and manage our planet. In certain cases, our collective free will permits these events to occur in order to provide a global wake-up call. This then leads us to take action, rise up against our oppressors, and save ourselves. The ETS cannot just sweep in and rescue us. They are allowed to do part of the work so that it is possible for us to solve the problem ourselves, but we have to finish the job.

The vast majority of planned mass atrocities are blocked, though since the Cabal is still constantly trying to start World War III, to create mass catastrophes that would lead to the incredible loss of life, and to otherwise wreak havoc on Earth. As one example, the Cabal tried to send black-ops scuba-diving soldiers in to blow up an oil refinery in the Persian Gulf, creating another BP oil spill. They were carrying backpacks with bombs in them that they were going to plant on the rig. This would almost certainly have led to an epic Armageddon-type war in the Middle East. once the Western powers had denied any responsibility for the catastrophe. The elected officials very likely had no idea that this was being planned. The soldiers hit an energetic wall in the water that was like stretchable elastic. They couldn't go over, under, or through it, and finally gave up after twelve hours of struggle.5

The amount of "divine intervention" that has stopped wars from taking place is truly mind-boggling to Pete and other insiders. Advance exotic craft has been deactivated or has completely disappeared. Entire underground facilities have had all their employee's portals out and were then completely destroyed. This included a base near Washington, DC, that the Cabal members of the US government were planning on fleeing to in the event of public disclosure. The entire East Coast of the United States shook with a 5.5 magnitude earthquake when this base was destroyed. It was quite the shocking synchronicity that this event occurred on August 23, 2011, the same day that my book The Source Fields Investigations was released..

It was also very interesting and symbolic that the top of the Washington Monument obelisk cracked in this same earthquake. This again seemed like a potent symbol of the impending full defeat of the Cabal. . . I subsequently found out that at least twenty-four other bases were destroyed thereafter. The destruction of bases appeared to come to a halt shortly after the beginning of 2012 after a new treaty between the Cabal and the benevolent ETs was agreed to, which increased the speed of the disclosure process. . . Three years after the first two bases were destroyed, in 2014, Russian national television aired a prime-time, three-hour documentary, in which I was interviewed about these events. It was the most popular show in the history of that particular production company, with 21 million viewers. Despite all the negative press about him in the Cabal-controlled West, Vladimir Putin has been a key figure in the Alliance, working directly with the positive elements in the Pentagon. A positive ET group apparently gave Putin some of their peace-keeping technology. Corey Goode revealed that this technology causes metal to suddenly enlarge while it is activated. As soon as the beam is turned off, the metal returns to its normal size...Every effort is being made to prevent loss of life and to create a peaceful transition that leads to disclosure.6

Who is the Cabal? How many people know what is going on in the space program? What is the number of people who manage the program? The number of people who manage the space program is the infamous "Committee of 300." They direct the economic destiny of the continent and they choose their successors from their area. That, my friend, is the Cabal. They are run by a core council of thirty-three. And there are three thousand people who know what is going on in the space program.7

Marguerite dar Boggia is the former Membership Secretary and Director for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She is the former Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She is a co-founder of UAC and its past Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. To that end, she offers FREE, online, three pages weekly of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as was known by Pythagoras. Some of these teachings were read by Albert Einstein. To receive these studies, she can be contacted through her website, which website, she created at the age of 90. These teachings prepare us for discipleship.


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