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The Three SUBTLE BODIES that form the Personality of a Human Being

The Three SUBTLE BODIES that form
the Personality of a Human Being

by Marguerite dar Boggia

Paul, the Apostle said: MAN is a threefold being: Spirit, Soul and body. The Ascended Tibetan Master. Djwhal Kuhl, who wrote through the books of Alice A. Bailey, his amanuensis, has said that Man's etheric body vitalizes the dense physical body and thus INTEGRATES it into the energy body of the EARTH and of the Solar System.

The ETHERIC body is a web of energy streams of lines of force and of LIGHT. It UNDERLIES all forms through which the cosmic forces flow. This constant circulation of life forces through the etheric bodies of ALL forms is the BASIS of all manifested life, and the expression of the essential NON-SEPARATENESS OF ALL LIFE.  All forms in the solar system form part of the WHOLE, and are not isolated units. This is the basis of brotherhood, of the communion of saints and of astrology.

The ASTRAL or desire body (sometimes called the emotional body) is the effect of the interplay of DESIRE and SENTIENT response upon the self at the center, and the resultant effect in that body, is experienced as EMOTION. Ninety per cent of the causes of physical disease is to be found in the Astral and the Etheric bodies.

The MENTAL body is the third subtle mechanism at the disposal of the soul.  Diseases today are found in the lack of vitality or in too much stimulation, and in the realm of feeling, of desires (thwarted or over-indulged) and in the moods, suppressions or expressions of the deep-seated longing, irritations, etc. which emanate from the DESIRE LIFE of the subject.

All disease is caused by lack of harmony between the FORM aspect and the LIFE. That which is the result of this UNION, we call the SOUL, the self, where humanity is concerned, and the integrating principle where the subhuman kingdoms are concerned. Disease appears where there is lack of ALIGNMENT between the various factors, the soul and the form, the life and its expression. Spirit and matter are NOT freely related to each other.

All these conditions of disharmony can be regarded as purificatory in their effects.

Methods of healing are the result of man’s MENTAL ACTIVITY. But his error at this time consists in:

His inability to see the TRUE uses of pain.

His resentment at suffering

His misunderstanding of the law of NON-RESISTANCE

His over emphasis of the FORM or body nature

His ATTITUDE to DEATH, and his feeling that the disappearance of the life out of visual perception and the disintegration of that form, indicates disaster.

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