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The Use of Crystals for Lighting

By Marguerite dar Boggia

March 17, 1962

Night Class

Recalled by Viola Petitt Neal

from the Book "Through the Curtain"

Light does not travel as we think, but there is a band of frequencies which, when intersecting each other at given angles, gives rise to light. Light is an effect of two causes. The two intersecting frequencies have a relationship of (+) positive and (-) negative polarity. The nature of light is different from what we think. It is produced by positive and negative frequencies meeting at an angle. We have thought of positive and negative electrodes, but we have not yet thought of positive and negative frequencies.

In the "world of frequency" when two frequencies meet each other, you get, (a) the sum of the frequencies; and (b) the sum is equal to light; and (b) the difference of the frequency is heat. The angle of intersection determines the intensity of light and the amount of heat. Instead of using electricity to make light, we will use light to make electricity. Not only is there an abundance of light to be used for energy, but we are immersed in an ocean of frequency that could be harnessed in a simple way to give light, heat, mechanical energy.

It would be possible to produce whatever climate we desire over an acre of ground. It would be possible to set up a small crystal reflector to cover an acre and grow any kind of food in mid-winter if necessary. it would produce a climate of a certain temperature in a small area.

Just as metals are keys to electricity, so crystals are keys to this new development of the use of energy by man. We will find a vast amount of crystalline forms in the earth. Actually there are diamond forms. The discovery of the laser effect is just the beginning of a series of discoveries.

The magnet represents the most orderly focus of what we may call the matter polarity. The crystal represents the most orderly focus of what we may call the Spirit polarity. Creativity takes place always between two polarities. Therefore, the right combination of magnets and crystals will produce the creative effect of energy.

We have already discovered in the cutting of crystals how to get certain sound effects at different frequencies. This would also give us a different frequency of energies for use. Light on the crystal and magnet, that is, lines of force from the magnet, are the components of a new energy system. Future lighting will be glowing crystal

1Neal, Viola Petit Ph.D, Karagulla Shafica, M.D. Through the Curtain by Shafica Karagulla, 1983, De Vorse & Co., Marina del Rey, California, 90294

Ibid pp. 179----180


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