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by Marguerite dar Boggia

In 1956 I (Dr. Shafica Karagulla) visited my old friend Viola Petit Neal in Los Angeles. For the first time Dr. Neal revealed to me that when she went to sleep at night, she was aware of another dimension. She was attending night classes on many subjects. She could remember the lectures, if she wished. That she was a student of the Ancient Wisdom teachings and an accepted disciple in the Master Jupiter's Ashram. She had been aware of this since early childhood. In 1978 she dedicated her book of poetry to him "Fragments of Experience -- A Spiritual Journey". She could perceive at a distance and communicate telepathically with the Ashram of the Master Jupiter, a department of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, whose head is the Christ. Since her passing, I am permitted to disclose this information.

"Through the Curtain" is the result of the research that began twenty-two years ago. She chose the title "Through the Curtain" because each time she went to night classes, she had to pass through a "curtain of energy" to the concrete mental plane. When I asked a question while she was apparently asleep, she had to move in consciousness to the center of this "curtain of energy" and then back to the concrete mental plane, ask the question or listen to what was being said in class, and return back to the "curtain of energy" to describe what the answer was. This shifting back and forth from the physical plane to the concrete mental plane, was physically exhausting and strenuous.2

Here are the titles of the Chapters:

Night Classes,

Extrasensory Perception

Esoteric Embryology and Physiology




Education in the Future

Planetary Types



I was mostly interested in healing and crystals.


Sound may be considered as having a positive charge. Geometrical forms as having a negative charge. These two have a polarity aspect together which gives rise to color. In this particular trinity the seven colors correspond to the seven planes of manifestation. It is the triune form that breaks light into seen colors, which we can observe.

Crystals are the key to this polarity relationship, because they are exact geometrical forms. Audible sound is a very small section of the sound spectrum. Light is the result of sound frequencies from the sun intersecting with the form frequencies from the Earth, producing light and in the lower octave, heat. The angle of intersecting determines the degree of light and heat. This is sound in marriage to form -- and from this light is born.

The conquest of the forces of evil will ultimately be accomplished by the use of rituals of sound and form. The word "ritual" in its true defining is an orderly movement of sound and geometric form in sequential patterns.3

Remember, when Spirit or life moves outward from a center, it is energy and when energy moves inward to a center or vortex, it becomes matter. Matter is a pattern, rather than a solid, a pattern of energy moving into a center. As long as the pattern is manifested, we have the so-called solid matter.

An algebraic formula was presented to the student --The physical is to the astral as the etheric is to the mental.

Medical healers direct their minds to visualizing the physical body in a state of perfect health. This is not the correct way to do it. The mind should be directed toward visualizing the etheric body instead of the physical and seeing it as a web of light with no shadow and no congestion, but as a scintillating field of force. It is via the mind that it is possible to direct etheric energy to the etheric body, thus vitalizing it and as a natural result the physical body begins to improve, depending on karmic possibility. A thoughtform was then presented showing the etheric body with the brighter and denser channels which looked like the nervous system in the physical body.

The lecturer explained that it should be in the caudate nucleus area that pranic energy should be changed into electrical energy to flow along the nervous system. In average man at present, it is the carotid bodies that are associated with the alta major center and this change takes place largely in the carotid body rather than in the caudate nucleus. In more evolved man this change-over takes place almost entirely in the caudate nucleus. Eventually the alta major center will entirely express outwardly through the caudate nucleus instead of the carotid bodies.

150 The caudate nucleus is really the organ of a higher type of clairvoyance. It contains millions of antennae to sense higher worlds of frequencies.4


There has been a problem on our planet because the life wave on the planet has been slow in the unfoldment of the consciousness, especially unfoldment of the connection between Soul and personality. A new method is being undertaken which will involve those who are in a higher stage of development--an effort to bring in substance of a higher frequency. Our solar system is moving into an etheric cloud substance. it is moving toward us. There are two movements. This is a good thing and constructive--helpful to the evolutionary process. It will help change some of the things on our planet more quickly, This is already beginning slightly. Just the very tenuous edge of this cloud of etheric substance has moved into the area where we are in the solar system.

We must not be frightened. The Soul, the Self, will have a more clear and integrated vehicle more quickly. There are climatic changes taking place all over the planet.5

You must have the courage to live, know and be from the center outward. The light of life is within you, the flame of life is within you. Know this and know evil's destructiveness cannot come nigh to you. Know yourself to be the life! you are the candles of God holding the eternal flame. Know this.6

On Page 349 of David Wilcock's book "The Ascension Mysteries", Wilcock writes: "Jacob was also well aware that our solar system was moving into a highly charged energetic cloud. This cloud could create a massive energetic flash from the sun, which would propel us into the next level of human evolution."

The planet Pluto, the invader planet, eighth sphere within our solar system constitutes an integrated and hard core of evil. Pluto has a deification of matter as creative forces and sets up a small abortive kingdom by using substance and the dark light of substance as the creative polarities producing a cancer in a solar system or a universe.

Pluto was thrown off from another solar system and moved into orbit around our sun. It seeks conquest of the planet Earth to extend the kingdom of darkness. The means of control of Earth humanity by Plutonians are: communication, radio;, TV, the press, education of children, governments of the world, money of the world. When the people ask for help and the frequencies for cleansing, help will be directed on the planet.7

It seems to me that the "global elite and the civilization living in Antarctica, mentioned in David Wilcock's book "The Ascension Mysteries", describe the Plutonians.


The Neutron is the sound binder of substance. The ultimate secret of science is not in the electron or proton but in the neutron.

This lecture is being given at this time because of the discoveries that had been made by the scientists in the nation of the Soviet Union. The mysterious deaths of some of the personnel led almost by accident to the discovery of a certain sound frequency which affects the sound binder of the iron atom. This is a supersonic frequency. It is an extremely narrow band of supersonic scale, but lethal because it affects the red blood cells of man and animals. With this supersonic frequency the "note" or frequency of the sound binder of the iron atom is changed so that the iron is broken down into another element, but fatal when it affects the iron in the blood stream. It will affect the iron in any object within range. The danger and risk is great. They will not use it for fear of destroying themselves or the whole human race. The Neutron is magnetic, while the electron and proton are electrical. 8

The divine plan of our Solar Logos is now beginning to manifest.


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