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Spiritual Exercise: The energy field by Dr. Tiggle

The energy field by Dr. Tiggle

The following is from Ronald Tiggle, Ph.d on the energy field. The Tibetan Master says that the sum-total of all the selfish thoughts of man has created a miasmic fog covering humanity which must be dissipated by man himself. It is called the Dweller on the Threshold. More on this later.

“The energy field surrounding your body contains a complete record of your strengths and imperfections and represents the sum total of your development and level of consciousness. The errors of your evolutionary growth process or negative karma creates emotional and mental energy blockages in your aura or energy field. These limit and distort your ability to receive clear soul impressions and higher energies and even cloud your ability to receive accurately information from your peers. In addition, these emotional and mental blockages create blockages in your energy field and can impair your health as a result of blocked chi or life force. These blockages also create a barrier between you and the light of your own soul causing the light invoked by prayer or invocation to be either partially deflected by these emotional and mental energy blockages or distorted by them. To overcome this limitation, the Soul Star techniques have been made available to advanced humanity. These tools help you bridge the gap between your conscious mind and the Soul and raise the vibration of your aura and consciousness so that you can consciously receive impressions from the Soul in your brain consciousness. In the process of refining your vehicles and raising their overall vibration, old karmic patterns from prior lives are removed, leaving you with a clear energy field capable of receiving undistorted impressions from the Soul. Normally, these karmic patterns are lived out by attracting events or situations that vibrate to their lower frequency such as illness, or negative events. In addition, by building the bridge to the Soul, you will be of service to the planet by becoming an anchor point for the transmission of vital energies that will purify the planet. Telepathy and the higher psychic powers begin to develop.

"The Tibetan Master says it is important to have an enlarged channel.

"Two other sections have been added for those working towards discipleship. They are attached hereto.

"A short form of LIGHT MEDITATION is as follows:

"Light a candle to symbolize the divine Spark of God within you. As you look upon the flame, realize that you are the flame.

"Sound the Sacred Word

"OM to clear the mind of extraneous thoughts.

"OM to quiet the emotional vehicle.

"OM to condition your brain to receive spiritual impression.

"Say the Soul Invocation bringing your soul into full focus. Feel the down pour of Light from the Soul as you say each line.

"I am the Soul.

I am Light Divine.

I am Love.

I am Will.

I am Fixed Design. (This line means that you came into this life for a specific Soul purpose.)

"Feel the Light from your Soul streaming into the top of your head through the crown chakra. As you focusat the point between the eyes (the Ajna Center), see your head shining like a miniature Sun.

"Let the Light descend into your heart, illumining the Path. When it enters the heart center (visualized as a closed golden lotus in the middle of the chest and slightly to the left of the spine), slowly sound the OM for about 12 seconds while you imagine that the lotus is slowly expanding until the inner center or vortex is seen as a radiating whirlpool of electric light, more blue than golden.

"Build in the radiant center of the heart a picture of your Master, in etheric, emotional and mental matter (or a Flame to symbolize your Soul or the Christ light within).

When the picture is fully built then gently sound the OM again and with an effort of the will withdraw still further inwards and link up with the twelve petalled head center, the center of causal consciousness. See the head completely filled with light, thus completing the link between head and heart. As you go through the day repeat a Name of God (Mantra) and see all as Light for God is Light.

"Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth."

Figure 1: Before Soul Star Clearing

All graphics from the Rainbow Bridge books are used with permission of the Copyright owner, Colleen Schumacher.

Figures are from Rainbow Bridge II: Copyright © 1981 by Two Disciples available from

Figure 2: After Soul Star Clearing

For more information on clearing thought blockages that deflect soul energy, see

Ronald Tiggle, Ph.D’s

All of the techniques presented in the Rainbow Bridge I and II books are available on this website, including some additional techniques that were not published in previous editions of the book such as the Soul Star Karma Transmutation technique, the Daily Alignment Technique, and Building Buddhic Columns.

Copies of Rainbow Bridge I and II books are out of print. Used copies can be found here.

The Rainbow Bridge techniques are also available in a free PDF extract from the book Bridge to Superconsciousness by Rick Prater here. and a complete free Kindle version of the book is available on for Kindleunlimited members.
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