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Djwhal Khul


The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul (D.K.)
(From a painting by Annie Gowland, 1931.)

The first is that of  Djwhal Khul who is known as the Tibetan Master.  He took His 5th Major Initiation in 1875. He helped Madame H.P.Blavatsky to write the profound book The Secret Doctrine.  He worked through Alice A. Bailey to write 18 books. Some of His incarnations were Caspar, one of the Wise Men who welcomed the birth of Jesus, and Lao Tsu, the founder of Taoism.    He is a 2nd Ray Master.  He was a disciple of the Master Kuthumi also spelled Koot Hoomi whose picture is also below.   Some of His incarnations were Thutmose III, a Pharaoh of Egypt, Pythagoras, Balthazar, one of the three wise men from the East to welcome the infant Jesus or Jesus, St Francis of Assisi, and Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor of India who built the Taj Mahal.








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