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The Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Our Planet

The book, The Reappearance of the Christ was written in 1945 by The Tibetan Master through Alice A. Bailey.  Every 2000 years or so the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy appears to inaugurate the New Age.  At the time the book was written, it was not known how He would come. Would He overshadow disciples? Would He incarnate?

At this time according to the disciple, Benjamin Crème, the Christ has created his own body called a mayavirupa. He came earlier than expected in July 1977 to alleviate the suffering of millions. If anyone tries to shoot him, it would pass through Him.  He acts as a focal point for cosmic energies which flood the earth. It is bringing about changes both destructive and constructive.  The forces of materialism are so dominant that until there is people power accompanying changes in the political arena and in the media, it delays the blessings which will manifest eventually. 

 This is the picture of the Lord MAITREYA when he appeared before 6,000 thousand people gathered to witness healing in Nairobi, Kenya on June 11, 1988.  The Editor of the Swahili edition of the Kenya Times witnessed the event and pictures were taken.  Maitreya can appear in two places simultaneously and can appear as a child, a woman, an old man, etc.  He is androgynous and has the consciousness of the whole cosmic physical plane.  In one of His incarnations, he was Krishna. About ten thousand years ago he was the disciple of the great Vedic Astrologer Parashara.

Maitreya is mentioned in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire on page 211:  “The World Teacher takes office cyclically…..He gives out the keynote for the various religions and is the emanating source for periodical religious impulses.  …..The Buddha held office prior to the present World Teacher and upon His illumination, His place was taken by the Lord Maitreya whom the Occidentals call the Christ.” and on page 599, it says that the Lord Maitreya being on the 2nd Ray holds the 2nd Department of Love-Wisdom.  Actually, He comes as the World Teacher and not to start a new religion.  In order to have peace, we have to realize that humanity is one force center, one chakra, one body, and all the cells have to be fed equally. Maitreya says that to save the world, the resources of the earth must be SHARED by all countries.




 Just as there was a Pentecost  2000 years ago so there will be one again when Maitreya will demonstrate His true Identity on the “Day of Declaration”.   The international media networks will be linked together and Maitreya will be invited to speak to the whole world. Everyone will hear His words in their own language. He will repeat on a worldwide scale the true happenings of Pentecost. Hundreds of thousands of spontaneous healings will take place.  Every religion awaits the 2nd coming. 


The Jews await the Messiah, the Christians, the Christ, the Muslims await the Imam Mahdi, the Hindus, the reincarnation of Krishna, the Buddhists await another Buddha. They know His personal name. It is the Lord Maitreya. He has taken his 7th major initiation, which means He is androgynous and works with the Planetary Logos. 

 Lord Matreya

For more information on Maitreya, his goal, his work, his appearance, see the website:
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