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by Marguerite dar Boggia


The Light Alliance and the Day of Revelation was written by Gordon Asher Davidson. This is what he says on page 38:

Currently, many major nations are members of the earth dimension of the Light Alliance, and the interests of the smaller nations are also part of the plan. The major nations have agreed to support the higher plan. Some have reservations from its feasibility, but they are willing to support it in general because of its positive intent.

The human leaders of the earth Light Alliance are awakened heads of state of major nations, and leaders in other fields of human endeavor. They are being advised by spiritually advanced members of the Galactic Light Alliance, including both members of earth's spiritual hierarchy and the Galactics.

These leaders are being a dvised, either th rough receiving inspiration and ideas through their inner process or through direct contact with "advisors" They may or may not realize these advisors are actually Masters, initiates or galactic helpers.

Thus the Galactics are assisting in three important ways. They are protecting earth from any outside interference by harmful nonhuman races, which will never  happen again; they are blocking any moves by the cabal to damage earth or humanity in any major operations; and they are advising earth members of the Light Alliance.

The Light Alliance has been strengthened by the working relationships between members that have developed as the action plans have become more specific, and greater and greater trust is being built among all the members.

All is being very carefully planned and  orchestrated so that the revelatory shift will be universal, seamless, and easily accepted by people of earth. Timing is determined by a very large number of factors, and the remaining resistances on earth are not major ones.

The core factors include energetic astrological alignments, the final preparation and readiness of new systems to be put into place, and the openness and demand of  humanity for deep, real transformation in the world. The final factor, most admirably, is very strong at this time. The Galactic Light Alliance, at the highest spiritual levels, as well as the heads of nations and institutions as the Earth Light Alliance, will together implement the plan.

It is an integral part of the plan that the millions of good people in the world will widely and actively help this process, once the underlying plan is clear and institutional structures are reformed. The Light Alliance is confident this will occur, as so many are already engaged in reforms and innovative solutions to problems, even within the current corrupted system.

The political changes and removal of corrupt individuals from the U.S. Congress will happen simultaneously with the economic reforms. The reformed judicial branch, with the backing of the military, will use evidence of the cabal's activities collected by NSA. This agency is now largely under the control of the  light forces, and its  true purpose will be revealed very soon. This will be a shock to many who were uncomfortable with the loss of privacy, and it will take time for all those to be absorbed by the public consciousness.

Those who fund many regressive initiatives are major leaders of the cabal, as are those directing some major financial institutions. All these will be removed and their strongholds purified as the plan unfolds.

This is why it is necessary and valuable for people to be informed about the unfolding plan, so those who understand it can educate others as to the underlying causes and true motives of those leading these changes.


The Day of Revelation of the Plan

The higher spiritual forces call the moment when the plan is implemented and announced  publicly the Day of Revelation. The spiritual Masters will not announce their involvement at that time, but at a later point they will. The Galactics' presence and role will also be disclosed some time later. The exact timing depends on the response of  humanity to these events.

On the Day of Revelation there will be a worldwide holiday and announcements will be made from a central location, possibly at the United Nations or another site. This is unresolved because there is a struggle ongoing within the UN between the forces of light and darkness, and there is also mistrust of the UN by many people because of its past mistakes, and the attacks on it by the cabal.

At the moment of the announcement, all actions needed to implement the changes will already be underway. This will include changing the banking system, and arresting some politicians and other corrupt leaders and officials.

After a short period when all systems are closed, the entire world financial system will reopen on the new financial basis outlined earlier, with all interest based money, financial derivatives and other corrupt banking practices eliminated. All is intended to be as seamless as possible, with a minimum of disruptions, and this is  likely to be the case.

It is not expected that there will be any major paranoid reaction to the financial reorganization once the terms of the new system are announced and people see its benevolent intent.

Those who are aware of the plan can be talking about it with others in advance if there is openness and opportunity. Once the Revelation of the plan begins, it will be the time for full sharing of all that we, as light workers, understand.


The Arrest of Key Figures

There was a period in negotiations which the cabal when it appeared it might be possible to reach an agreement for them to step down, relinquish all power systems, and allow trained Light Alliance members to assume control.

However, due to their intransigence, this was not possible. The plan now is to arrest and indict those responsible, remove them from power, and allow the Light Alliance to begin to implement the plan, having full control of cooperation from those leaders remaining.

There will be indictments handed down for bribery, corruption, malfeasance and all manner of betrayals of office. These will be served and the accused taken into custody. Members from both political parties in the U.S. will be arrested. Once the nature of the indictments are revealed, a proceeding will remove them from continuing to serve in Congress and other government agencies.

In the meantime, the executive, judicial and military will be in charge, although some Supreme Court and other justices will be removed.

Certain corporate executives will also be indicted and arrested, as they are deeply involved with the cabal and many are leaders of it. The military will be involved with the process of removing cabal members, if necessary, as a high percentage of military officers are now positively oriented to the plan, at various levels.

This may all seem fantastical given the current world  situation, yet a true paradigm shift is always disruptive of the old. This entire plan is emphatically and strongly supported by the Solar council, the spiritual governing body of our Solar system, and the Universal council.

The same type of cleanout will be done in other countries on the same day. It will be a Revelation of the true intent of the plan and the Light Alliance, which is worldwide.

This Day of Revelation is a specific moment when all is put into motion, and when what was hidden is revealed. The karmic scales are weighed and correct action, supported by higher spiritual Powers, is taken to bring the planet into full resonance and conscious understanding of its true history and its place within the Alliance of Light.

What is being created by these spiritual powers cannot be blocked, resisted or subverted. These powers have given us their solemn vow that this is so. It will be the single most important date in the history of the world.

Marguerite dar Boggia formerly served as Membership Secretary for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She is past Secretary and Director of ISAR and Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She is a co-founder of UAC and its past Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet.  To that end, she offers free, online, three pages weekly of the Esoteric Teachings as was known by Pythagoras


1 Davidson, Gordon Asher. The Light Alliance and the Day of Revelation, Golden Firebird Press, 369 3rd St. #563, San Rafael, CA 94901. 2015 pp. 38-39.


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